Buying Abroad: Malta

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Buy­ing Abroad: Malta
Look­ing for Malta on the world map might require the use of a micro­scope, but the oppor­tun­it­ies and exper­i­ences with­in it are bound­less.

Malta packs glor­i­ous vari­ety into its small archipelago. You’ll find pre­his­tor­ic temples, fossil-stud­ded cliffs, hid­den cov­es, thrill­ing scuba diving and a his­tory of remark­able intens­ity.” – Lonely Plan­et

Few places in the world pack as much beau­ty, his­tory and soph­ist­ic­a­tion into a rel­at­ively small space as the Maltese Islands. World renowned for its beaches, great din­ing and warm smiles (just for starters) – our latest entry in our Buy­ing Abroad‘ series takes us to Medi­ter­ranean island of Malta.

Here’s an on-the-ground per­spect­ive on what makes this intox­ic­at­ing coun­try so appeal­ing and such a joy to call home.

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With just 316 square kilo­metres of land in the centre of the Medi­ter­ranean, the Maltese archipelago is well known for its quiet, cas­u­al style of liv­ing. Malta is home to some of the old­est mega­lith­ic tem­ple com­plexes still stand­ing, and can provide a level of exper­i­ence unpar­alleled by oth­er coun­tries.

The Maltese Islands are well admired for their mild and gentle weather con­di­tions, except for a couple of severe wintry days. The prox­im­ity between its most dis­tant shores makes the whole coun­try eas­ily access­ible in just a mat­ter of minutes, and the golden sandy beaches are a pleas­antly seduct­ive attrac­tion all year round. Waves lap­ping gently again­st the shore, bring forth a mild anes­thet­ic that soothes the mind. Same goes for the lash­ing waves, crush­ing again­st the colossal cliffs dur­ing a pleas­antly cool autumn sun­set.

The gentle sym­phony of the Medi­ter­ranean breeze com­ple­ments the good char­ac­ter of the Maltese. Known for mak­ing every­one feel wel­come, the Maltese are often described as a tightly-knit com­munity with many of its mem­bers tak­ing care of each oth­er. The increas­ing num­ber of for­eign employ­ees con­trib­ut­ing to the thriv­ing gam­ing, fin­an­cial and IT indus­tries are con­stantly revital­iz­ing the island with the latest ideas and innov­a­tion. The recently launched Cit­izen­ship by Invest­ment Scheme is also attract­ing hun­dreds of non-Europeans who would like to opt for a second cit­izen­ship with­in a coun­try that cham­pi­ons strong demo­crat­ic val­ues, a pro-busi­ness atti­tude, state-of-the-art health care and an edu­ca­tion sys­tem of high cal­ib­re whil­st gain­ing free move­ment across all the European Uni­on.

Geo­graph­ic­al and polit­ic­al cir­cum­stances have togeth­er pro­duced an incred­ibly extraordin­ary her­it­age that keeps on attract­ing hordes of vis­it­ors each year. Fol­low­ing a long course of occu­pa­tion and col­on­iz­a­tion, the Island is home to an excep­tion­ally rich col­lec­tion of towers, for­ti­fic­a­tions, castles and cathed­rals. Inside the for­ti­fied walls of Mdina and Ċit­t­adel­la, behind the warm col­oured wooden doors and bal­conies, and on top of the medal­lions dec­or­at­ing the cor­nices, there still lurks an authen­tic age-old aura. The horse cabs going round Mdina travel through a serene and undis­turbed life, whil­st the nar­row cobble pan­elled streets of Birgu, Borm­la and Isla echo that genu­ine Maltese feel with each and every thud.

More than 7,000 years of his­tory, which co-occurred with suc­cess­ive terms of col­on­iz­a­tions, are bunched in numer­ous Mega­lith­ic temples, under­ground cata­combs, churches, forts, museums, towers, and bat­ter­ies, the major­ity of which host walk­throughs and mul­ti­me­dia attrac­tions that rekindle a way of life oth­er­wise long for­got­ten.

Look­ing for Malta on the world map might require the use of a micro­scope, but the oppor­tun­it­ies with­in it are bound­less. Recent growth in the fin­an­cial ser­vices, IT and gam­ing indus­tries have all fueled for­eign and loc­al large-scale invest­ments in real estate. State-of-the-art, design­er fin­ished and exclus­ive prop­er­ties com­pleted with the latest home tech­no­lo­gies are widen­ing the choice with­in the prop­er­ty mar­ket. Sliema, St Julian’s and Val­letta (Malta’s cap­it­al city), have now become a one stop hub of work and play, with sev­er­al offices stand­ing side by side to clubs and bars, just minutes away from a con­sid­er­able num­ber of blue flag beaches. On top of all this, fre­quent low cost flights con­nect the Maltese Islands to the major European coun­tries, mak­ing them an eas­ily reach­able esteemed des­tin­a­tion.

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If the Maltese life­style sounds like music to your ears, be sure to vis­it for a look at some stun­ning poten­tial vaca­tion or primary homes.

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Buy­ing Abroad: Malta
Look­ing for Malta fuq il-map­pa dinji­ja tista teħtieġ l-użu ta’ mik­roskopju, iżda l-oppor­tun­itaji­etl-esper­jen­zi fi ħdan­ha huma bound­less.

Malta pakket­ti var­jetà glor­juża fis arċipelagu żgħir tiegħu. Inti ser iss­ib tem­pji pre­is­tor­iċi, rdum stud­ded fos­sili, cov­es moħbi­ja, scuba diving thrill­ing u stor­ja ta intens­ità note­voli “”-. Lonely Plan­et

Ftit postiji­et fid-din­ja pakkett kemm sbuħi­ja, l-istor­ja u sofistikazz­joni fi spazju relat­tiva­ment żgħir bħala l-Gżejjer Malt­in. Din­ja magħru­fa għall-bajji­et tagħha, din­ing kbira u tbis­sim sħun (biss biex nib­dew) — aħħar entrata tagħna fil- ““Buy­ing Bar­ra”” ser­je tagħna Iqar­rib­na għall-gżira Medi­ter­ran­ja ta Malta.

Hawn per­s­pet­tiva fuq ix-art fuq dak li jagħmel dan il-pajjiż jsakkar hekk attraenti u tali ferħ li jse­jħu dar.

Bil biss 316 kilo­metru kwad­ru ta art fiċ-ċen­tru tal-Medi­ter­ran, l-arċipelagu Malti huwa magħruf sew għall-kwiet, l-istil każwali tagħha tal-ħaj­ja. Malta hija dar għal xi wħud mill-eqdem kump­lessi tem­pju mega­l­itiċi għad­hom pen­denti, u jist­għu jip­prov­du liv­ell ta esper­jen­za ewli­eni minn pajjiżi oħra.

Il-Gżejjer Malt­in huma ammira­jt sew għall-kondizz­jon­iji­et ħafif u ġentili tagħhom temp, ħlief għal ftit jiem wintry severi. Il-prossim­ità bejn xtut aktar imbiegħda tagħha jagħmel il-pajjiż kollu faċil­ment aċċess­ib­bli biss kwist­joni ta minuti, u l-bajji­et bir-ramel dehbi huma attrazz­joni pleas­antly seduct­ive sena koll­ha. Waves imbornitura b’ġentilezza kon­tra-xatt, idaħħlu raba anestetiku ħafif li soothes-moħħ. Istess jgħodd għall-mewġ irbit, tgħaf­fiġ kon­tra l-irdum kolossali mat­ul estin­z­joni ħari­fa pleas­antly jibred.

Il sin­fon­i­ja ġentili ta l-riħ Medi­ter­ran tikkump­li­menta l-kar­at­tru tajjeb tal-Malt­in. Magħruf biex isiru kulħadd jħos­suhom milqugħa, l-Malt­in huma sikwit deskrit­ta bħala komunità sewwa maħ­du­min ma ħafna mill-mem­bri tiegħu jieħ­du ħsieb ta’ xulxin. L-għadd dejjem jiżdied ta impjeg­ati bar­ran­in li jikkon­trib­wixxu għall-logħob b’saħħitha, l-indus­triji fin­an­zjarji u l-IT huma kontin­wa­ment riv­i­talizza­zz­joni il-gżira mal-ideat aħħar u l-innov­azz­joni. Il Ċit­tadin­an­za imnedi­ja reċente­ment mill Skema ta Inves­t­i­ment huwa wkoll jat­tira miji­et ta’ per­suni mhux-Ewropej li jix­tiequ jagħżlu tieni ċit­tadin­an­za fi ħdan pajjiż li jis­s­ap­portja valuri qawwija demokratiċi, atti­tudni pro-negozju, kura tas-saħħa state-of-the-art u l- sis­tema edukat­tiva tal kal­ib­ru għoli waqt li taqbad movi­ment liberu fl-Unjoni Ewropea koll­ha.

ċirkostan­zi ġeo­grafiċi u politiċi flimki­en ipproduċew wirt oer­hört straordin­ar­ja li jżomm fuq li tat­tira hordes ta viżit­aturi kull sena. Wara kors twil ta okkupazz­joni u kolonizza­zz­joni, il-Gżira hija dar għal kollezz­joni eċċezz­jon­al­ment rikka ta’ tor­riji­et, for­ti­fikazz­jon­iji­et, kas­tel­li u katid­rali. Ġewwa l-ħit­an for­ti­fikati ta Imd­ina u Ċit­t­adel­la, wara l-bibi­en u gal­lar­iji kku­lur­ita sħun, u fuq quċċata ta l-medal­lions dekorazz­joni l Gwarniċuni, għad hemm lurks Aura antika awtentiċi. Il-kabini żiemel li jmor­ru tond Imd­ina ivvjaġġar per­mezz ta ħaj­ja trank­wil­la u mhux dis­turb­ati, fil­waqt li l-tor­oq cobble dejqa pan­elled ta Birgu, Borm­la u Isla eku li ġen­wina Malti jħos­su ma’ kull thud.

Aktar minn 7,000 sena ta stor­ja, li ko-seħħ ma’ ter­mini suċċessivi ta col­on­iz­a­tions, huma mgħaqqd­in f’diversi tem­pji Mega­l­itiċi, katakom­bi taħt l-art, kne­jjes, fort­izzi, mużewiji­et, tor­riji­et, u bat­ter­iji, l-maġġor­an­za tagħhom walk­throughs ospit­anti u attrazz­jon­iji­et mul­timed­jali li tqa­jjem in a mod ta ħaj­ja xort’oħra twil min­si­ja.