Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Kallianpur

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Church of Our Lady of Ros­ary, Kal­li­an­pur
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Mount Ros­ary Church
Igre­ja Nossa Sen­hora do Ros­ar­io
Church of Our Lady of Ros­ary
Mount Ros­ary Church is loc­ated in Karnataka Mount Ros­ary Church­Mount Ros­ary Church
13.386989°N 74.7255226°ECoordinates: 13.386989°N 74.7255226°E
Loc­a­tion Kal­li­an­pur, Udupi dis­trict, Karnataka
Coun­try India
Denom­in­a­tion Roman Cath­olic (Lat­in rite)
Foun­ded 1837
Status Church
Func­tion­al status act­ive
Des­ig­nated 1837
Con­struc­tion cost Rs.8,00,00,000
Height 95 feet
Bells 2 (2)
Par­ish san­thekat­te
Dean­ery Kal­li­an­pur
Dio­cese Roman Cath­olic Dio­cese of Udupi
Province Roman Cath­olic Arch­diocese of Ban­galore
Bishop(s) Most.Rev.Dr.Gerald Isaac Lobo
Vicar(s) Very.Rev.Fr.Philip Neri Aran­ha
Assist­ant priest(s) Rev.Fr. Anil Sil­vano Fernandes
Mount Ros­ary Church (Por­tuguese: De Nossa Sen­hora do Ros­ar­io de Cal­li­am­poor) is a Roman Cath­olic church situ­ated in Kal­li­an­pur in the Udupi dis­trict of India. The church came into exist­ence in 1837 at the time of the Goan schism when some Cath­olic fam­il­ies with­drew from their Par­ish Mil­agres Cathed­ral and acknow­ledged the jur­is­dic­tion of the Vicar Apostolic of Vera­poly. They built a church only a few yards away from the Mil­agres Cathed­ral. Since then it has under­gone alter­a­tions and addi­tions. It is stra­tegic­ally loc­ated close to the NH 66.

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In 1880, Fr Albert D’Souza (1879 – 1890) decided to build a new church and the loc­a­tion was shif­ted to Nejar Hill. The found­a­tion stone of the new church was blessed by the then Bish­op of Man­galore Most Rev. Pagani on 26 Novem­ber 1880. Due to paucity of funds, Fr Albert D’Souza could not com­plete the church. At this junc­ture, Math­i­as Rebel­lo of Thon­se pledged his prop­er­ty, took a loan and com­pleted the church build­ing. The first mass was in the newly con­struc­ted tiled roof church build­ing was offered on 14 May 1882. On 9 Janu­ary 1883, the statue of Holy Ros­ary was installed in the church. The church also got some land from the Patel, Igna­tius Fernandes.

The expan­sion of the church was done at gradu­al stages. Fr J.M. Masse (1890 – 1916) built the pres­by­tery in 1895 and Fr John Sal­vadore Math­ais con­struc­ted the por­tico. Fr Piedade Saldan­ha (1931 – 1938) built a shrine to com­mem­or­ate the cen­ten­ary of the church in 1937. Fr Ros­ar­io Den­is Sequeira (1957 – 1967) built the grot­to.

The ses­qui-centen­ni­al (1837 – 1987) cel­eb­ra­tions were held in 1987 dur­ing the time of Fr Vic­tor Saldan­ha. The cost of con­struc­tion of the new bel­fry was donated in memory of late Louis and Leti­cia Rebel­lo by their fam­ily mem­bers. The newly erec­ted bel­fry was inaug­ur­ated on Janu­ary 30, 1999. Fr God­frey Saldan­ha com­pleted the church hall which was inaug­ur­ated on Janu­ary 4, 2001 by Most Rev Dr Leo Cor­nelio of Khand­wa dio­cese who is presently the Arch­bish­op of Bho­pal.

Real­iz­ing the need to spread edu­ca­tion among the girls a primary school for them was star­ted in 1925 and it was handed over to the Car­mel­ite Sis­ters in 1933. On June 1, 1958 Lourdes Hos­pit­al built by Msgr R Den­is Sequeira was inaug­ur­ated which was handed over to the Sis­ters of the Queen of the Apostles in 1962.

Real­iz­ing the import­ance of Eng­lish edu­ca­tion fol­low­ing the lib­er­al­iz­a­tion and glob­al­iz­a­tion poli­cy of the gov­ern­ment, Fr God­frey Linus Aure­li­us Saldan­ha began Mount Ros­ary Eng­lish Medi­um School in 1997. The new school build­ing was inaug­ur­ated on June 11999.

Mount Ros­ary Church com­pleted 175 years of exist­ence in 2012. In order to mark the event and provide suf­fi­cient space to the ever increas­ing parish­ion­ers, Par­ish Priest Fr. Philip Neri Aran­ha who had taken charge of the par­ish since 2010 in con­sulta­tion with the Par­ish Pas­tor­al Coun­cil and the parish­ion­ers in gen­er­al decided to rebuild the church.

In order to raise the new church, a prom­in­ent site where the pre­vi­ous Mount Ros­ary church exis­ted was selec­ted. The found­a­tion stone was blessed by the Bish­op of Man­galore Dio­cese, Most Rev. Dr. Aloysi­us Paul D’Souza dur­ing the Mass that was held at the Mil­len­ni­um aud­it­or­i­um on March 3, 2012 and the laid at the site in the pres­ence of a large num­ber of parish­ion­ers includ­ing Jerry Vin­cent Dias-Vice Pres­id­ent of the Par­ish Pas­tor­al Coun­cil, Sec­ret­ary Richard Dias and former Vice Pres­id­ents- Stany Cor­nelio, Prof Ligory Aran­ha and Bene­dict Menezes.

The con­struc­tion work of the church went on for 2 years and 9 months. As a res­ult of metic­u­lous plan­ning and sus­tained work ably super­vised by Fr. Philip Neri Aran­ha sup­por­ted by Jerry Vin­cent Dias, Richard Dias and oth­ers the work of the new church is com­pleted to the delight of all the parish­ion­ers.

Present Structure[edit]
The new build­ing of the 178year-old Mount Ros­ary Church was inaug­ur­ated on Tues­day, Janu­ary 6, 2015. The Church was inaug­ur­ated by Jerry Vin­cent Daïs and Molly Dias vice pres­id­ent of par­ish pas­tor­al coun­cil. The inaug­ur­a­tion mass was cel­eb­rated by Rt.Rev.Dr. Aloysi­us Paul D’souza (Bish­op of Man­galore dio­cese). Thou­sands of devotees wit­nessed the grand inaug­ur­a­tion and bless­ing of the newly built Church.

With an impos­ing struc­ture and eleg­ant exter­i­or, the church is spa­cious enough to com­fort­ably accom­mod­ate 1200 faith­ful. The church is 115 feet long, 76 feet wide and 60 feet high. The chief attrac­tion of the church is the high altar which has been superbly executed by renowned artists and archi­tects from Korathi, Ker­ala. They have carved a beau­ti­ful altar with great care and ded­ic­a­tion. The church has an ador­a­tion chapel which is fully air-con­di­tioned. The wooden cross on the high altar, the tin­ted glass win­dows depict­ing dif­fer­ent epis­odes from the Bib­le, the mosa­ic style Way of the Cross, the beau­ti­ful statues of saints and above all, the statue of Our Lady of Mount Ros­ary are the chief attrac­tions of the church.

The Altar of the church was designed by the Artistes and archi­tects from Korathi in Kerala.The wooden cross on the High Altar, the tin­ted glass win­dows which depict vivid incid­ents from the Bib­le, the Way of the Cross in Mosa­ic style, the statues of Saints, the statue of our Lady of Mount Ros­ary are the primary attrac­tion of the church.The church has an Ador­a­tion Chapel which is air-con­di­tioned.

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Offi­cial Church web­site

“ —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  — – — —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  — – — —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  — –
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Knis­ja tal-Madon­na tal Ruz­ar­ju, Kal­li­an­pur
Minn Wiki­pedi­ja, l-enċik­lo­pedi­ja ħielsa
Mount Rużar­ju Knis­ja
Igre­ja Nossa Sen­hora do Ros­ar­io
Knis­ja tal-Madon­na tal Ruz­ar­ju
Mount Rużar­ju Knis­ja tinsab fil KARNATAKA Mon­te Rużar­ju Church­Mount Rużar­ju Knis­ja
13.386989 ° T 74.7255226 ° ECo­ordin­ates: 13.386989 ° N 74.7255226 ° E
Post Kal­li­an­pur, dis­trett Udupi, KARNATAKA
pajjiż Ind­ja
Denom­inazz­joni Rumana Kat­to­lika (rit Lat­in)
imwaqq­fa 1837
Knis­ja istatus
Status fun­z­jon­ali attiv
Maħtura 1837
Rs.8,00,00,000 ispe­jjeż tal-kostruzz­joni
Għoli 95 pied
Qniepen 2 (2)
san­thekat­te Par­rokkjali
dean­ery Kal­li­an­pur
Djoċesi Ruman Djo­cesi Kat­to­lika ta Udupi
Prov­inċ­ja Ruman Arċid­joċesi Kat­to­lika ta Ban­galore
Isqof (i) Most.Rev.Dr.Gerald Isaac Lobo
Vigar­ju (i) Very.Rev.Fr.Philip Neri Aran­ha
Assist­ent qassis (i) Rev.Fr. Anil Sil­vano Fernandes
Mount Rużar­ju Knis­ja (Por­tu­giż: De Nossa Sen­hora do Ros­ar­io de Cal­li­am­poor) hija knis­ja Kat­to­lika Rumana li jinsab fil Kal­li­an­pur fid-dis­trett Udupi l-Ind­ja. Il-knis­ja ġie fis-seħħ fl-1837 fiż-żmi­en tal-schism Goan meta xi familji Kat­to­lika rtir­aw mill-Par­roċċa Mil­agres Katid­ral tagħhom u għar­fu l-ġur­is­dizz­joni tal-Apposto­lika Vigar­ju ta Vera­poly. Huma bnew knis­ja biss ftit tar­zn­ari bogħod mill-Katid­ral Mil­agres. Minn dak­in­har dan ikun għad­da tib­dil u żidi­et. Hija strateġika­ment jinsab qrib il-NH 66.

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Stor­ja [edit­ja]
Fl-1880, Pat­ri Albert D’Souza (1879 – 1890) iddeċieda li jib­ni knis­ja ġdida u l-post ġie trasfer­ut għall Nejar Hill. L-ewwel ġebla tal-knis­ja l-ġdida tbi­er­ket mill-Isqof ta Man­galore Ħafna Rev Pagani 26 ta’ Novem­bru 1880. Minħab­ba insuf­fiċjen­za ta fondi, Dun Albert D’Souza ma setax jitlesta l-knis­ja. F’dan l-ist­ad­ju, Math­i­as Rebel­lo ta Thon­se mirhun pro­prjetà tiegħu, ħa self u temm il-bini tal-knis­ja. L-ewwel mas­sa kien fil-bini għad­hom kemm inbnew knis­ja saqaf bil-mad­um kien offrut 14 ta Mejju 1882 9 ta’ Jan­nar 1883, l-istat­wa ta San­tu Ruz­ar­ju kien install­at fil-knis­ja. Il-knis­ja wkoll ltqa­jna xi art mill-Patel, Injazju Fernandes.