How Hackers Start Their Afternoons.

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How Hack­ers Start Their After­noons.

How Hack­ers Start Their After­noons.

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How should hack­ers start their after­noons?

The world is chan­ging. This has always been true. But look at how quickly it has changed in the last five years alone — ride shar­ing, vir­tu­al real­ity, Air­Pods, it’s all hap­pen­ing! Noth­ing is stag­nant. The world does not stand still. And neither do you.

When I star­ted this pub­lic­a­tion with Jay Zalow­itz we fol­lowed a sim­ple premise: Nev­er take any­thing for gran­ted.”

We’ve pub­lished posts on tech cul­ture from vir­al stars and insider per­spect­ives from top tech com­pan­ies. We were with com­pan­ies from begin­ning to end. We pub­lished What Maris­sa May­er Brought to Yahoo That Can’t Be Bought or Sold by former Yahoo-er jelen­a­woehr and This is the growth hack” that got my whole com­pany star­ted by Breather CEO Juli­en Smith.

We exposed a num­ber of vul­ner­ab­il­it­ies that could sink the Inter­net. Along the way we pub­lished This is what Apple should tell you when you lose your iPhone (by Joonas Kiminki), Google is For­cing Route­build­er to Shut Down (by Andrew Mar­tin) and Why you shouldn’t share links on Face­book (by Inti De Ceuk­elaire).

And we tried to have fun. We used satire to touch on import­ant social issues. Remem­ber Entire Fuck­ing City of Ashev­ille Mov­ing Out of North Car­o­lina? Jord­an Steph­ens, that was amaz­ing.

We want to make tech bet­ter. Tech pub­lish­ing should be less about how much ven­ture cash some rich per­son got from his friends and more about how some smart per­son is chan­ging the world.

That smart per­son is you.

The Hack­er Noon Mis­sion State­ment

We work to make you more effi­cient, bet­ter-informed, and more pro­duct­ive. We share the star­tups, tools, and thoughts that mat­ter. We are going to com­pete with Face­book to make the world a more open and con­nec­ted place (just kid­ding, but we do plan on mov­ing tech pub­lish­ing for­ward). Read­er first. We’re noth­ing if we don’t add value, smart tech or pro­ductiv­ity to your day. If you win, we win.

Hack­er Noon Beta Stat­ist­ics

Our monthly aver­ages are 414,711 read­ers and 972,573 minutes read (so far in 2016). We’re the 44th most fol­lowed pub­lic­a­tion using Medi­um, just behind Buf­fer & The Writ­ing Coöper­at­ive and just ahead of How We Get to Next by the Gates Found­a­tion & Lemel­son Found­a­tion & The Cauldron by Sports Illus­trated. As we enter the Hack­er Noon phase, our pri­or­ity is giv­ing your after­noons the insider per­spect­ives of tech people who are liv­ing the innov­a­tion.

How We’ll (Not Really) Com­pete with Google: The Hack­er Noon Design Now Has a Search Func­tion in the Top Nav­ig­a­tion!

What Motiv­ates Us

We’re cov­er­ing what is actu­ally hap­pen­ing in tech. What’s next mat­ters, but read­ing the truth in what’s hap­pen­ing now means even more.

We love our com­pet­it­ors. They inspired us. But to a degree, they lost the plot. They used to cov­er awe­some star­tups with a fair help­ing of snark. Nowadays, Tech­Crunch, Mash­able, and Recode don’t feel like that. They feel like press release gen­er­at­ors and the occa­sion­al thought­ful column (which we’ll link to from time to time). But, I think there is a need for a voice to share how, why and when tech people are doing what they’re doing. It should also be noted, we use a much, much brighter green than Tech­Crunch. Our green is almost impossible to miss. When you stumble into one of our art­icles, you get that feel­ing of star­ing dir­ectly into a sun from Plan­et Krypton. We think that’s import­ant.
So, to recap: more snark, bet­ter stor­ies, cool­er green, more truly hands on per­spect­ives. I think you’ve got it.

About the name:

We will be shift­ing from a sporadic, oppor­tun­ist­ic pub­lish­ing sched­ule to pub­lish­ing our stor­ies every week­day at noon-ish PST and send­ing weekly email roundups of star­tup launches and hack­er advice at noon-ish. Our future let­ters will be less about us, and more about the shit you need to read to start your morn­ing — I mean — after­noon.

Why Move Off Medi­um?

We’re not mov­ing off Medi­um! We’re just own­ing our brand. Digit­al brand­ing starts with how what you are look­ing for is found on the inter­net: URL. The design and con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem is still powered by Your Friends @ Medi­um.

Who Can Get Star­tup Cov­er­age?

You! And you! And you! All of you! You can sub­mit new drafts and stor­ies dir­ectly through Medi­um. For new writers, email me. Also, you can tag Dav­id Smooke or Hack­ernoon in a com­ment or unlis­ted art­icle, and we will review your writ­ing for pub­lish­ing.

Addi­tion­ally, we are using this really cool 10 ques­tion Google Form that gets the rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion about your startup’s trac­tion, pos­i­tion­ing & oppor­tun­ity. We’ll either cov­er you, noti­fy you that we’re not cov­er­ing you, or fol­low up with addi­tion­al ques­tions.

Who Can Con­trib­ute?

Any­one. It’s not about con­nec­tions. It’s about good writ­ing, real busi­ness growth, help­ing another hack­er, remark­able stor­ies, and news value. Own your per­spect­ive. As long as you are shar­ing valu­able inform­a­tion about how to make work more effi­cient, hack life, and/or accur­ately pos­i­tion star­tups in the mar­ket we are happy. If you don’t have break­ing news, please make sure your con­tent cre­at­ively offers value bey­ond the mundane. That’s all we ask.

Our Spon­sors

We’re owned by AMI Pub­lic­a­tions (divi­sion of Art­Map Inc), and are open­ing up to beta spon­sor­ship oppor­tun­it­ies. If you’re inter­ested in spon­sor­ing emails, paid pub­lish­ing options or com­mis­sion­ing a writer, lets talk.

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A Quick Note About the Dif­fer­ence Between Eight Minute Abs & Sev­en Minute Abs

A lot of folks are all like You’re just like another Hack­er News site.” We’re not.
Hack­er News was the first suc­cess­ful news source birthed by/for a ven­ture cap­it­al firm. It is a suc­cess­ful news source because it cur­ates what is valu­able news for its com­munity of invest­ments and its com­munity of poten­tial invest­ments. And their news source effect­ively gave news sway to the com­munity they value. In short, Hack­er News, like every pub­lic­a­tion has an interest, and we admire how they have served their interest. Plus, we’ve been #1 there recently (“I Don’t Care How Well You Code Under­stand Your Com­pens­a­tion” by Arthur Levy).