Insider Preview Build 14986 is available now

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Insider Pre­view Build 14986 is avail­able now
Hel­lo Win­dows Insider,

If you haven’t run a Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Build recently, you’ll def­in­itely want to check out the latest builds. They’re loaded with an excep­tion­al num­ber of excit­ing, new fea­tures. Here are just a few high­lights for Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Build 14986 for PC:

Cort­ana just got even more awe­some.* Now you can use voice com­mands to have Cort­ana turn off your com­puter, change volume — even con­trol music play­back and volume on more of your favor­ite music apps (U.S. only) like iHeartRa­dio and Tun­eIn Radio. Cort­ana can also now recog­nize music for cus­tom­ers in China. And check out Cortana’s new look when using Hey Cort­ana” (it’s not only gor­geous but even more use­ful, as you’ll dis­cov­er).

A big leap in full-screen gam­ing sup­port. One of the most com­mon requests we see for Win­dows 10’s GameD­VR fea­ture is the abil­ity to use the Game Bar with more games run­ning in full-screen mode. With this build, we’ve added sup­port for an amaz­ing 19 addi­tion­al games.

Do more with Win­dows Ink. We’ve made our new note-tak­ing and sketch­ing fea­ture even cool­er with a more authen­tic pen-and-paper’ exper­i­ence, the abil­ity to resume pre­vi­ous screen sketches, a more func­tion­al ruler and more.

Oth­er high­lights include a more con­veni­ent Win­dows Update exper­i­ence, access­ib­il­ity improve­ments in Nar­rat­or, an easi­er way to view and con­trol your device secur­ity and health fea­tures and improve­ments to the Win­dows 10 exper­i­ence in Asia.

If you are run­ning a Pre­view Build on your phone, click here for details on the latest Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Build for Mobile.

More good things for #WIN­sider­s4­Good. Have a look at our new #WIN­sider­s4­Good web­site! It cur­rently fea­tures details on our most recent #WIN­sider­s4­Good ini­ti­at­ive — the Nigeria Fel­low­ship — designed to help 25 entre­pren­eurs build busi­nesses aimed at improv­ing the lives of Nigeri­ans. Read the stor­ies behind this fas­cin­at­ing group of entre­pren­eurs. And learn more about how #WIN­sider­s4­Good helps all Insiders build bet­ter com­munit­ies through their amaz­ing cre­ativ­ity and tech­nic­al skills.

Com­puter sci­ence made fun (really fun). As part of #WIN­sider­s4­Good, we’re also sup­port­ing a con­cen­trated glob­al effort to bring com­puter sci­ence to every classroom, includ­ing Hour of Code — a fun, easy tutori­al on cod­ing basics that’s avail­able to mil­lions of stu­dents and teach­ers in over 180 coun­tries. Get a hands-on look. Com­plete the Mine­craft Hour of Code pro­ject — and feel free to share this link with fam­ily and friends.

Info for Developers

Get your app into the Win­dows Store with Desktop Bridge. If you’re a developer who has used Desktop Bridge to cre­ate a Win­dows app pack­age for your exist­ing desktop app or game, we can help you get it pub­lished into the Win­dows Store.

Get star­ted test­ing your apps with Appi­um. Win­dows now can use Appi­um to help test any Win­dows App. That means you can pro­gram­mat­ic­ally test your app inter­face to quickly know that everything works! This works with any Win­dows UWP, Win32, WPF and VB6 app — if it runs on Win­dows, it can be tested. Scott Hansel­man has a great art­icle on get­ting star­ted with Appi­um on Win­dows.

The UWP Com­munity Toolkit 1.2 now released. The UWP Com­munity Toolkit is a col­lec­tion of help­er func­tions, cus­tom con­trols, and app ser­vices. This release has sev­en new help­ers, a new con­trol, bug fixes, and a bunch of updates! Check this Build­ing Apps for Win­dows Blog for more details and to down­load.

Info for IT Pros

New enter­prise cap­ab­il­it­ies in Cre­at­ors Update. Find out about new fea­tures and cap­ab­il­it­ies com­ing to Win­dows 10 Cre­at­ors Update that will bring even more secur­ity advance­ments to enter­prise cus­tom­ers. Equally excit­ing: over the next few weeks, some of the Cre­at­ors Update fea­tures will start to show up in Pre­view Builds!

Win­dows 10 1607 is ready for deploy­ment. Also known as Win­dows 10 Anniversary Update, Win­dows 10 1607 has been declared as Cur­rent Branch for Busi­ness (CBB) and is ready for deploy­ment. This is an import­ant mile­stone and sig­ni­fies that this ver­sion has been val­id­ated by cus­tom­ers, OEMs and part­ners giv­ing organ­iz­a­tions the con­fid­ence to fur­ther accel­er­ate deploy­ments at scale.

Win­dows 10 IT Pro Essen­tials Sup­port Secrets. If you are an IT Pro sup­port­ing Win­dows 10, or if you’re the per­son that friends and fam­ily call on for help, this Win­dows 10 sup­port train­ing is for you. Join author and Microsoft MVP Ed Bott as he walks you through the key tools and meth­ods you can use to keep your users’ and friends’ sys­tems run­ning smoothly.

You can fol­low the lead for the Win­dows Insiders Pro­gram, Dona Sarkar, on Twit­ter @donasarkar. For oth­er updates on the pro­gram, includ­ing spe­cial events and activ­it­ies, fol­low us on Twit­ter @windowsinsider.


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Insider Pre­view Ibni 14986 huwa dispon­ib­bli issa
Hel­lo Win­dows Insider,

Jekk int ma run Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Ibni reċente­ment, inti definit­tiva­ment taf jridu jiċċekkjaw il-aħħar tib­ni. Huma qed mgħob­bi­ja b’numru eċċezz­jon­ali ta eċċit­anti, kar­at­ter­istiċi ġod­da. Hawn­hekk huma biss ftit jen­fasizza għall-Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Ibni 14986all-PC:

Cort­ana biss ltqa­jna aktar tal-biża * Issa tista tuża vuċi jikkmanda li jkoll­hom Cort­ana itfi l-kom­pjuter tiegħek, volum bid­la -. Saħansitra l-kon­troll daqq ta’ mużika u volum fuq aktar ta apps favor­iti tiegħek mużika (U.S. biss) bħal iHeartRa­dio u Tun­eIn Rad­ju. Cort­ana tista wkoll issa jir­rikonoxxu mużika għall-klijenti fiċ-Ċina. U check out ħarsa ġdida Cort­ana meta jużaw ““ħej Cort­ana”” (huwa mhux biss sabiħ ħafna iżda saħansitra aktar utli, kif inti ser tisko­pri).

A big qabża b’appoġġ logħob full screen. Wieħed mill-tal­bi­et l-aktar komuni naraw għal kar­at­ter­istika GameD­VR-Win­dows 10 hija l-abbiltà li per­suna tuża l-Avukat­ura Logħba b’aktar logħob run­ning fil-mod­al­ità full screen. Ma dan jib­nu, kon­na miżjud appoġġ għall-aqwa 19-logħob addizz­jon­ali.

Tagħmel aktar mal-Win­dows Ink. Aħna ħad­na ġdid nota ta teħid tagħna u l-kar­at­ter­istika Skeċċ­jar anke cool­er b’esperjenza ta’ aktar awtentika ““pin­na u l-karta””, l-abbiltà li jer­ġa jib­da abbozzi iskrin preċedenti, ħakkiem aktar fun­z­jon­ali u aktar.

Jen­fasizza oħra jinklu­du aktar kon­ven­jenti esper­jen­za Win­dows Update, titjib aċċess­ib­biltà fil Nar­rat­or, hemm mod aktar faċli għall-dawll-kon­troll tiegħek kar­at­ter­istiċi ta sig­urtà u ta’ saħħa appar­at u t-titjib tal-Win­dows 10-esper­jen­za fl-Asja.

Jekk inti taħ­dem Pre­view Jib­nu fuq il-mobile tiegħek, ikklikkja hawn għal aktar dettalji dwar l-aħħar Win­dows 10 Insider Pre­view Ibni għall-Mobile.

affar­iji­et aktar tajba għall # WIN­sider­s4­Good. Agħti ħarsa lejn il-web­sa­jt ġdida tagħna # WIN­sider­s4­Good! Bħalis­sa kar­at­ter­istiċi dettalji fuq l-iniz­jat­tiva tagħna aktar riċenti # WIN­sider­s4­Good — il-Fel­low­ship Niġer­ja — mfassla biex jgħinu 25 impren­dit­uri jib­nu n-negozji mmir­ati biex ite­jbu l-ħaj­ja ta Nigeri­ans. Aqra l-istejjer wara dan il-grupp affaxxin­anti ta intrapren­dit­uri. U jit­għall­mu aktar dwar kif # WIN­sider­s4­Good jgħin insiders koll­ha jinbnew komunitaji­et aħjar per­mezz kreat­tiv­ità aqwa tagħhom u l-ħili­et tekniċi.

xjen­za tal-kom­pjuter magħmu­la gost (vera­ment gost). Bħala parti mill # WIN­sider­s4­Good, aħna qed tap­poġġ­ja wkoll sforz glob­ali ikkonċen­trat biex iġibu xjen­za tal-kom­pjuter għal kull klassi, inkluż Siegħa ta Kodići — gost, tutor­ja faċli fuq kodi­fika bażiċi li ikunu dispon­ib­bli għall-milju­ni ta stu­denti u għal­liema f’iktar minn 180 pajjiż. Get a hands-on ħarsa. Jitlesta l mine­craft Siegħa tal-Kodiċi tal-proġett — u li tħos­sok liberu li jaqs­mu din ir-rab­ta mal-famil­ja u ħbieb.