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What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done?
Sudip Mitra
Sudip Mitra
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Clyde beatty, a guy who trained wild lions and tigers:
(The photo speaks for it’s self) Clyde Beatty (June 10, 1903 – July 19, 1965) joined the circus as a cage cleaner as a teen and became famous as a lion tamer and animal trainer. He also became a circusimpresario who owned his own show that later merged with the Cole Bros. Circus to form the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus. Clyde Beatty He still holds the record for having mixed 40 wild bred lions and tigers in one cage arena.

Google When you think of tigers, you immediately think of Rocky, eye of the tiger, or more youthful people, Katty perrys version. If you think of lions you think of the block buster hit the Ghost in the darkness, or if you are a bit younger and rated G, Disney’s lion king. But here’s a man that actually knows the beast first hand, when you think circuses, you think lions and tigers who obey orders like a dog and jump through hoops, but Clyde Beatty insisted in working majority of his acts with untamed wild bred animals, and his sold purpose was to put on a show by surviving an onslaught of animals and try to make them form a pyramid of submission.…clyde%20beatty (Excerpt) Clyde Beatty is not only an entertainer, he is also a scientist, a competent zoologist, an explorer and an adventurer. Braving African, Indian and Malayan jungles; braving fever, disease and even death, the animal trainer, — along with scientist and explorers en- gaged in research, — helps to broaden science frontiers in the ‘dark lands””.…8selw_djvu.txt At the end of his career, he was noted to have trained more lions and tigers than any before him or after, Beatty worked 2,000 lions and tigers in his 40 years of being the worlds greatest showmen:…ights%2Btigers When you mix two of the world’s most powerful animals, you get a nuclear reactor, or time bomb, they hate each other on sight and will attack and kill each other the given chance they get. Here are some of his life experiences of the daring, thrilling and extreme life on the edge with the 2 most powerful animals on the planet:

page 8
The 1st tiger: Already Caesar’s jaws had crunched Bobby’s neck and when I got there Caesar was shaking Bobby’s limp, bloody head and throat from side to side. Bobby’s eyes were turning starey. He was dead — and it was only two minutes since I had…+Caesar+was%22 The 2nd tiger: Lion Sultan killed Tommy the wild bred tiger:… The 3rd tiger:

The 3rd fight shown on screen:… Clyde beatty explaining the 3 tigers who were killed by the lions: Ogdensburg journal. (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) 1932-1971, July 15, 1935, Page 5, Image 5
Nelly (tigress) lion Sammy, Gracie (tigress) Tommy lion gang fight:… BEATTY does not know that lions and tigers hate each other. “”I have had many lion-tiger battles in my arena, but they have always been gang fights. Nellie, one of the fiercest tigers I ever worked with, was killed a few years ago in a fight in which eight lions faced two tigers. On another occasion there was a pitched battle between seventeen lions and twelve tigers. Three tigers were killed in this fight and some of the lions badly mauled.””…4moti_djvu.t xt
Memphis kills Sehka: The perils of circus life proved too much today for Sehka, a three year old Bengal tigress in Clyde Beatty’s act with Cole Brothers, She died of wounds suffered when she was attacked by Memphis, a lion in the act. during a performance Wednesday night.… Caesar the II Beatty’s lion kills tiger
“”Clyde Beatty, World-Renowned Wild Animal Trainer, Has Trouble With Tiger-Killing Lion “”Caesar””, One Of Wild Animals in Featured Act With Circus Here Friday.””… Two lions kill tiger named poona:
books-google-com/books?id=fiAEAA… =two+lions+kill+tiger++clyde+bea tty&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi5gIDH i5fLAhVN-GMKHRgKAYwQ6AEIHTAA#v=onepage&q= two%20lions%20kill%20tiger%20% A scene from the film the big cage:
Clyde Beatty’s killer lion named France has killed two tigers and fought
with many other cats.… Clyde beatty has written three books:
The Big Cage: Clyde Beatty, Edward Anthony: Books
Jungle performers, : Clyde Beatty: Books
Facing the Big Cats: Clyde Beatty: Books
Here are more of his observations, experiences and thrills as subjugator of the two Kings of their domain: Detroit vs Empress…d+neck%22+lion Detroit vs Sleika…a+outright.%22 Clyde beatty also contributed his knowledge that the lions mane offers a degree of protection in a fight: The african lions mane: Beatty and Nero
Nero the lion had killed the feline tiger Pasha, in saving Beatty’s life. The fight lasted twenty-five ……a=N&gws_rd=ssl A lion would beat a tiger 9 times out of ten:…-of-man-eaters Tiger is killed as Beatty is trying to separate two ferocious lion and tigers.
June 16, 1954 “”It was in one of these that Beatty got his worst mauling. He was trying to separate two ferocious fellows, and they resented the interference. Beatty barely escaped with his life. He was in a hospital bed several weeks as a result. One tiger was killed in that melee.””… Tigers are afraid of the lions, want no part of them:…le-Bros-31.jpg Clyde beattys performance:…
During their first performance this spring and during the act two lions attacked and killed a tiger Mr. Beatty stayed in the cage during the entire fight to keep the other animals from getting into it – – – Mr. Beatty says no matter how well you think you know a tiger or lion, you still cannot trust’them The quiet ones are often the most dangerous…
Clyde beatty also contributed his knowledge on the lions striking strength: The african lions striking strength
Caesar the lion kills two tigers in one act.

He tells of one huge lion, named Caesar, who, from his position at the top of a pyramid formed in the act by the caged cats, twice sprang upon tigers, killing each one almost instantly. The audience loved it, but tigers are expensive so Caesar had to be taken out of the show.””…ly.%22&tbm=bks…-of-man-eaters
Duke whips all of clydes tigers:
A few years ago when Clyde was breaking in a new group of lions, and was hard at work on a barrel rolling lion, one of the tigers leaped from his high pedestal onto Beatty’s back. The trainer was knocked across the arena, and, as he fell, the tiger shifted his attack, sinking his teeth into Beatty’s arm. Then it was that Louie went into action.’ He leaped from his pedestal onto the attacking beast.
www-newspapers-com/newspage/5708… He also gave his opinion that a grizzly bear is not a match for lion featured among other experts and occasions: African lion vs Grizzly Bear Detroit kills alice siberian tigress:…,5557564&hl=en
(1 9 3 5)
Seven 1 CLYDE BEATTY AND HIS ANIMALS HERE THURSDAY Clyde Beatty and his lions and tigers. Beatty Is the most talked of animal trainer In the world and presents with his own circus one of the greatest collections of wild beasts ever assembled. Few who see wild animals In cages realize the vast amount of , danger and expense neces- to get them there. The greatest danger lies In capturing the wild animals in their native country. With Cole Brothers-Clyde Beatty circus, which will give two performances in Emporia Thursday on the Katy grounds, there are several hundred wild animals, most of which were captured in the forests and jungles of their native country. “”There is no more ticklish or dangerous task than tracking lions in she vast Nubian deserts,”” said Beatty. “”The scorching sun pours down with such force that few men can stand it. The effect on the eyes is blinding. There Is little or no shade. The wariest and most careful hunter may be tracking an animal and at the same time be tracked by the animal he is seeking. which may spring on him at any moment.””For capturing full-grown lions, large traps of various forms are used. One trap Is square, one of the sides lifting upon a spring like the old-fashioned mouse trap. The trap Is baited with a piece of fresh meat and as soon as the lion has entered the trap the door shuts down and he Is a prisoner.…
Prince kills trudy…,2186929&hl=en…,5778798&hl=en (Mortal fight between two lions) He preferred jungle cats to those born in captivity, which he thought were spoiled, and his courag eat working with them became legendary. In 1928 at Kokomo a female tiger landed on top of him only to be killed by a lion in an ensuing 25-minute fight that saved Beatty’s life. In 1932 he was seriously wounded when mauled by one of his most powerful lions and for a time lay near death with a fever that peaked at 106 degrees. H (Bottom of the page)…e-Brothers.pdf Beatty and Saber: His harmless weapons are a kitchen chair, a whip and a revolver filled with blank cartridges. Clyde Beatty says he’s tried working with tame animals born in captivity, and he prefers wild ones any time. Tame animals are just like spoiled children they’ve been pampered and petted until they refuse to do anything.… THREE ARE in position and suddenly Sultan and Brutus are at it. There is snarling and growling and Beatty moves fiercely about the floor and swears a blue streak to the cage handlers .to open the. chute door so he can get the tigers out. ~The Corpus Christi Caller-Times 13 January 1963 › Page 16…