New Answer What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done?

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New Answer
What is the most badass thing any­one has ever done?
Sudip Mitra
Sudip Mitra
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Cly­de beatty, a guy who trained wild lions and tigers:
(The pho­to speaks for it’s self) Cly­de Beatty (June 10, 1903 – July 19, 1965) joined the cir­cus as a cage clean­er as a teen and became fam­ous as a lion tamer and anim­al train­er. He also became a cir­cusim­pres­ario who owned his own show that later merged with the Cole Bros. Cir­cus to form the Cly­de Beatty-Cole Bros. Cir­cus. Cly­de Beatty He still holds the record for hav­ing mixed 40 wild bred lions and tigers in one cage arena.

Google When you think of tigers, you imme­di­ately think of Rocky, eye of the tiger, or more youth­ful people, Katty perrys ver­sion. If you think of lions you think of the block buster hit the Ghost in the dark­ness, or if you are a bit young­er and rated G, Disney’s lion king. But here’s a man that actu­ally knows the beast first hand, when you think cir­cuses, you think lions and tigers who obey orders like a dog and jump through hoops, but Cly­de Beatty insisted in work­ing major­ity of his acts with untamed wild bred anim­als, and his sold pur­pose was to put on a show by sur­viv­ing an onslaught of anim­als and try to make them form a pyr­am­id of sub­mis­sion.…clyde%20beatty (Excerpt) Cly­de Beatty is not only an enter­tain­er, he is also a sci­ent­ist, a com­pet­ent zoolo­gist, an explorer and an adven­turer. Brav­ing Afric­an, Indi­an and Malay­an jungles; brav­ing fever, dis­ease and even death, the anim­al train­er, — along with sci­ent­ist and explorers en- gaged in research, — helps to broaden sci­ence fron­ti­ers in the dark lands””. At the end of his career, he was noted to have trained more lions and tigers than any before him or after, Beatty worked 2,000 lions and tigers in his 40 years of being the worlds greatest show­men:…ights%2Btigers When you mix two of the world’s most power­ful anim­als, you get a nuc­le­ar react­or, or time bomb, they hate each oth­er on sight and will attack and kill each oth­er the given chance they get. Here are some of his life exper­i­ences of the dar­ing, thrill­ing and extreme life on the edge with the 2 most power­ful anim­als on the plan­et:

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The 1st tiger: Already Caesar’s jaws had crunched Bobby’s neck and when I got there Caesar was shak­ing Bobby’s limp, bloody head and throat from side to side. Bobby’s eyes were turn­ing starey. He was dead — and it was only two minutes since I had…+Caesar+was%22 The 2nd tiger: Lion Sul­tan killed Tommy the wild bred tiger:… The 3rd tiger:

The 3rd fight shown on screen:… Cly­de beatty explain­ing the 3 tigers who were killed by the lions: Ogdens­burg journ­al. (Ogdens­burg, N.Y.) 1932 – 1971, July 15, 1935, Page 5, Image 5
Nelly (tigress) lion Sammy, Gra­cie (tigress) Tommy lion gang fight: does not know that lions and tigers hate each oth­er. ““I have had many lion-tiger battles in my arena, but they have always been gang fights. Nel­lie, one of the fiercest tigers I ever worked with, was killed a few years ago in a fight in which eight lions faced two tigers. On another occa­sion there was a pitched battle between sev­en­teen lions and twelve tigers. Three tigers were killed in this fight and some of the lions badly mauled.”” xt
Mem­ph­is kills Sehka: The per­ils of cir­cus life proved too much today for Sehka, a three year old Bengal tigress in Cly­de Beatty’s act with Cole Broth­ers, She died of wounds suffered when she was attacked by Mem­ph­is, a lion in the act. dur­ing a per­form­ance Wed­nes­day night.… Caesar the II Beatty’s lion kills tiger
““Cly­de Beatty, World-Renowned Wild Anim­al Train­er, Has Trouble With Tiger-Killing Lion ““Caesar””, One Of Wild Anim­als in Fea­tured Act With Cir­cus Here Fri­day.””… Two lions kill tiger named poona:
books-google-com/books?id=fiAEAA… =two+lions+kill+tiger++clyde+bea tty&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi5gIDH i5fLAhVN-GMKHRgKAYwQ6AEIHTAA#v=onepage&q= two%20lions%20kill%20tiger%20% A scene from the film the big cage:
Cly­de Beatty’s killer lion named France has killed two tigers and fought
with many oth­er cats.… Cly­de beatty has writ­ten three books:
The Big Cage: Cly­de Beatty, Edward Anthony: Books
Jungle per­formers, : Cly­de Beatty: Books
Facing the Big Cats: Cly­de Beatty: Books
Here are more of his obser­va­tions, exper­i­ences and thrills as sub­jug­at­or of the two Kings of their domain: Detroit vs Empress…d+neck%22+lion Detroit vs Sleika…a+outright.%22 Cly­de beatty also con­trib­uted his know­ledge that the lions mane offers a degree of pro­tec­tion in a fight: The afric­an lions mane: Beatty and Nero
Nero the lion had killed the feline tiger Pasha, in sav­ing Beatty’s life. The fight las­ted twenty-five ……a=N&gws_rd=ssl A lion would beat a tiger 9 times out of ten:…-of-man-eat­ers Tiger is killed as Beatty is try­ing to sep­ar­ate two fero­cious lion and tigers.
June 16, 1954 ““It was in one of these that Beatty got his wor­st maul­ing. He was try­ing to sep­ar­ate two fero­cious fel­lows, and they resen­ted the inter­fer­ence. Beatty barely escaped with his life. He was in a hos­pit­al bed sev­er­al weeks as a res­ult. One tiger was killed in that mêlée.””… Tigers are afraid of the lions, want no part of them:…le-Bros-31.jpg Cly­de beattys per­form­ance:
Dur­ing their first per­form­ance this spring and dur­ing the act two lions attacked and killed a tiger Mr. Beatty stayed in the cage dur­ing the entire fight to keep the oth­er anim­als from get­ting into it — - — Mr. Beatty says no mat­ter how well you think you know a tiger or lion, you still can­not trust’them The quiet ones are often the most dan­ger­ous
Cly­de beatty also con­trib­uted his know­ledge on the lions strik­ing strength: The afric­an lions strik­ing strength
Caesar the lion kills two tigers in one act.

He tells of one huge lion, named Caesar, who, from his pos­i­tion at the top of a pyr­am­id formed in the act by the caged cats, twice sprang upon tigers, killing each one almost instantly. The audi­ence loved it, but tigers are expens­ive so Caesar had to be taken out of the show.””…ly.%22&tbm=bks…-of-man-eat­ers
Duke whips all of cly­des tigers:
A few years ago when Cly­de was break­ing in a new group of lions, and was hard at work on a bar­rel rolling lion, one of the tigers leaped from his high ped­es­tal onto Beatty’s back. The train­er was knocked across the arena, and, as he fell, the tiger shif­ted his attack, sink­ing his teeth into Beatty’s arm. Then it was that Louie went into action.’ He leaped from his ped­es­tal onto the attack­ing beast.
www-newspapers-com/newspage/5708… He also gave his opin­ion that a grizzly bear is not a match for lion fea­tured among oth­er experts and occa­sions: Afric­an lion vs Grizzly Bear Detroit kills alice siberi­an tigress:…,5557564&hl=en
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Sev­en 1 CLYDE BEATTY AND HIS ANIMALS HERE THURSDAY Cly­de Beatty and his lions and tigers. Beatty Is the most talked of anim­al train­er In the world and presents with his own cir­cus one of the greatest col­lec­tions of wild beasts ever assembled. Few who see wild anim­als In cages real­ize the vast amount of , danger and expense neces- to get them there. The greatest danger lies In cap­tur­ing the wild anim­als in their nat­ive coun­try. With Cole Broth­ers-Cly­de Beatty cir­cus, which will give two per­form­ances in Emporia Thursday on the Katy grounds, there are sev­er­al hun­dred wild anim­als, most of which were cap­tured in the forests and jungles of their nat­ive coun­try. ““There is no more tick­lish or dan­ger­ous task than track­ing lions in she vast Nubi­an deserts,”” said Beatty. ““The scorch­ing sun pours down with such for­ce that few men can stand it. The effect on the eyes is blind­ing. There Is little or no shade. The war­iest and most care­ful hunter may be track­ing an anim­al and at the same time be tracked by the anim­al he is seek­ing. which may spring on him at any moment.”“For cap­tur­ing full-grown lions, large traps of vari­ous forms are used. One trap Is square, one of the sides lift­ing upon a spring like the old-fash­ioned mouse trap. The trap Is baited with a piece of fresh meat and as soon as the lion has entered the trap the door shuts down and he Is a pris­on­er.
Prince kills trudy…,2186929&hl=en…,5778798&hl=en (Mor­tal fight between two lions) He pre­ferred jungle cats to those born in cap­tiv­ity, which he thought were spoiled, and his cour­ag eat work­ing with them became legendary. In 1928 at Koko­mo a female tiger landed on top of him only to be killed by a lion in an ensu­ing 25-minute fight that saved Beatty’s life. In 1932 he was ser­i­ously wounded when mauled by one of his most power­ful lions and for a time lay near death with a fever that peaked at 106 degrees. H (Bot­tom of the page)…e-Brothers.pdf Beatty and Saber: His harm­less weapons are a kit­chen chair, a whip and a revolver filled with blank cart­ridges. Cly­de Beatty says he’s tried work­ing with tame anim­als born in cap­tiv­ity, and he prefers wild ones any time. Tame anim­als are just like spoiled chil­dren they’ve been pampered and pet­ted until they refuse to do any­thing. ARE in pos­i­tion and sud­denly Sul­tan and Bru­tus are at it. There is snarling and growl­ing and Beatty moves fiercely about the floor and swears a blue streak to the cage hand­lers .to open the. chute door so he can get the tigers out. ~The Cor­pus Christi Caller-Times 13 Janu­ary 1963 › Page 16