Recent deaths in Kildare

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Recent deaths in Kil­dare
Den­ise Murphy Mill­town
Den­ise Murphy died on Novem­ber 9(peacefully) at St. James’s Hos­pit­al. Sadly missed by her mother Bri­gid, dad Christy (Kit), daugh­ter Zara, broth­ers Kev­in and Chris­topher, sis­ter Celine, Denise’s part­ner Ken, sis­ters-in-law Gwen and Niamh, nieces and neph­ews, exten­ded fam­ily, rel­at­ives and friends. Repos­ing at Ander­son and Leahy’s Funer­al Home from 2 o’clock on Fri­day after­noon with pray­ers that even­ing at 7 o’clock. Removal on Sat­urday morn­ing at 10.15 o’clock to arrive at St. Brigid’s Church, Mill­town for 11 o’clock Mass with buri­al after­wards in the adjoin­ing cemetery.
Seward Har­old Hildebrand — Celbridge/Dunboyne
Hildebrand (Cel­bridge and formerly of Dun­boyne) Novem­ber 8th (peace­fully) in the lov­ing care of the staff at Con­nolly Hos­pit­al, Blan­chard­stown. Seward Har­old, beloved hus­band of the late Emily. Sadly missed by his lov­ing sons Peter, Nigel and Alan, daugh­ters-in-law, grand­chil­dren, great-grand­chil­dren, rel­at­ives and friends. A private funer­al will take place by Seaward’s wishes.
Nic­ola Keogh Kenny — 9 Earls Court Athy
Repos­ing at her res­id­ence on Wed­nes­day even­ing with Ros­ary at her res­id­ence on Thursday even­ing at 8pm. Removal on Fri­day morn­ing at 10.30am to arrive at St. Michael’s Par­ish Church, Athy for Requiem Mass at 11am. Buri­al after­wards in Churchtown Cemetery.
Pat O’Gorman — Dub­lin Road, Athy
Peace­fully, sur­roun­ded by his chil­dren PJ, Aine and Mar­tina and in the lov­ing care of his friends Ann and Jar­leth. Repos­ing at his daugh­ter Aine’s res­id­ence, 2 Rus­sel­stown Cross, Dub­lin Road, Athy from 5pm, Thursday, with Ros­ary at 8pm. Removal on Fri­day for Funer­al Mass at 1pm in St. Michael’s Par­ish Church, Athy with buri­al after­wards in St. Michael’s New Cemetery, Athy. Deeply regret­ted by his chil­dren, grand­chil­dren Tom, Katie, Jack, Allie, Louise, Chloe, Anna and Con­or, his broth­ers Michael, Benny and Sean, sis­ters Kath­leen, Breda, Mai and wider fam­ily. Pre­de­ceased by his lov­ing wife Peig. House private on Fri­day morn­ing please.
Andy Bren­nan, Tick­nev­in, Car­bury
Andy Bren­nan of Tick­nev­in, Car­bury has died sur­roun­ded by his lov­ing fam­ily at Naas Hos­pit­al on Monday Novem­ber 7. He is pre­de­ceased by his son, Tommy, deeply regret­ted by his lov­ing wife Nan, and sadly missed by his fam­ily, Kath­leen, Trisha and Ciaran, broth­ers, sis­ters, grand­chil­dren, great-grand­chil­dren, sons-in-law, daugh­ters-in-law, broth­ers-in-law, sis­ters-in-law, neph­ews, nieces, rel­at­ives and friends.
Andy’s remains will repose at his home this even­ing with ros­ary at 9pm. His funer­al Mass will take place tomor­row, Thursday at 1.30pm in Holy Trin­ity Church, Der­rin­turn with buri­al after­wards in the adjoin­ing cemetery. Fam­ily flowers only please, dona­tions, if desired, to Down Syn­drome Ire­land. House private on Thursday.

Clare de Burgh (née Sheannan),Oldtown, Naas, Kil­dare
Clare de Burgh (née Shen­nan) died peac­fully on Novem­ber 4, aged 86. She was pre­de­ceased by her beloved hus­band, Major John de Burgh MC, of Oldtown, Naas. She will be sadly missed by her chil­dren, Hubie, Car­oline and Wil­li­am and eight grand­chil­dren.
Clare will be repos­ing at Murphy Broth­ers Funer­al Home, Church Lane, Naas on Sat­urday, Novem­ber 12, from 2pm to 6pm. The funer­al Ser­vice takes place at 11am on Monday, Novem­ber 14, in St. David’s Church, Naas. Fam­ily flowers only but dona­tions, if desired, to the Irish Injured Jock­ey Fund c/o Murphy Broth­ers, Church Lane, Naas.

Mary Killeen (née Young), Leixlip/ Navan Road, Dub­lin
Mary Killeen of Leixlip and formerly of Skreen Road, Navan Road, Dub­lin 7 died peace­fully on Tues­day Novem­ber 8 sur­roun­ded by her fam­ily at Con­nolly Hos­pit­al after a short ill­ness.
Mary, beloved wife of Roger and cher­ished mother of Mary, Deirdre, Nuala, Susan, Paul, Aoife, Laura, Ciara and Don­al and dear grand­mother of Charlie, Liam, Caitlin, Ais­ling, Aoibh, Adah-Rose, Gor­don and Erin, was pre­de­ceased by her brother Cmdt. Peter. She will be sadly missed by all her rel­at­ives and friends.
Her remains will be brought to Cunningham’s Funer­al Home, Chapel Hill, Lucan, tomor­row Thursday even­ing between at 6pm with removal to The Church of Our Lady’s Nativ­ity, Leixlip, on Fri­day morn­ing arriv­ing for Requiem Mass at 11am, fol­lowed by buri­al in Con­fey Cemetery, Leixlip. House Private.

Jan Kohler, Hazel­hatch, Cel­bridge, Kil­dare
The death has taken place of Jan Kohler of The Hatch Bar, Hazel­hatch. He passed away peace­fully on Novem­ber 5. He will be sadly missed by his lov­ing wife Judith and his two daugh­ters Elle and Kate, fam­ily and friends.
Jan was cremated on Monday, Novem­ber 7. In accord­ance with Jan’s wishes, his fam­ily and friends will host a cel­eb­ra­tion of his life on Monday, Novem­ber 14.

Seán Rogers, Ceadar­wood Park, Dundalk/Kildare
Seán Rogers, formerly of Cedar­wood Park, Dundalk/Kildare died peace­fully at Naas Gen­er­al Hos­pit­al on Tues­day Novem­ber 8 sur­roun­ded by his lov­ing fam­ily. He is pre­de­ceased by his father Andy, and very deeply regret­ted by his lov­ing wife Alis­on (née) But­ler, sons Andy and Mason, mother Doreen (née) Sheilds (St, Joseph’s Park), broth­ers Steph­en, Andrew, Barry and Ciarán, sis­ters Aid­ri­an­ne and Mar­garet, uncles, aunts, broth­ers and sis­ters in-law, mother and father in-law Mar­ie and Wil­lie But­ler (Dub­lin), neph­ews, nieces, cous­ins, exten­ded fam­ily rel­at­ives and wide circle of friends.
Funer­al details to fol­low later.

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imwiet reċenti fil Kil­dare
Den­ise Murphy Mill­town
Den­ise Murphy miet fuq Novem­bru 9 (paċi­fika­ment) fl-Isptar San Ġak­bu s. Sfor­tu­nata­ment tin­tilef minn omm­ha Bri­gid, dad Christy (Kit), bint Zara, aħwa Kev­in u Chris­topher, oħt Celine, Den­ise s msieħba Ken,-sorijiet fil-liġi Gwen u Niamh, nieces u neph­ews, famil­ja estiża, qra­ba u ħbieb. Repos­ing fuq Ander­son u Leahy tal Funer­al Home mit 02:00 nhar il-Ġimgħa wara nof­sin­har ma talb li fil­għax­i­ja fil 07:00. Tneħħi­ja is-Sibt fil­għodu fil 10.15 o’clock biex jaslu fil-Knis­ja ta San Bri­gid, il Mill­town għall 11:00 Qud­diesa bl dfin wara fiċ-ċim­iter­ju kon­tig­wi.
Seward Har­old Hildebrand — Cel­bridge / Dun­boyne
Hildebrand (Cel­bridge u qabel kien ta Dun­boyne) 8 Novem­bru (paċi­fiku) fil-kura lov­ing tal-per­sunal fil Con­nolly Isptar, Blan­chard­stown. Seward Har­old, ir-raġel għeżież tal-Emily tard. Sfor­tu­nata­ment qbiżt mill wliedu lov­ing tiegħu Pietru, Nigel u Alan, ibni­et fil-liġi, neputiji­et, great-neputiji­et, qra­ba u ħbieb. A funer­al privat se ssir mill xewqat baħar s.
Nic­ola Keogh Kenny — 9 Earls Court Athy
Repos­ing fir-res­id­en­za tagħha nhar l-Erbgħa fil­għax­i­ja ma Rużar­ju fir-res­id­en­za tagħha nhar il-Ħam­is fil­għax­i­ja fil 20:00. Tneħħi­ja nhar il-Ġimgħa fil­għodu fil 10:30 li jaslu fil-Knis­ja Par­rokkjali ta San Mikiel, Athy għall Requiem Qud­diesa fil 11:00. Dfin wara­jha fl Churchtown Ċim­iter­ju.
Pat O’Gorman — Triq Dub­lin, Athy
B’mod paċi­fiku, imdawwar mill-tfal tiegħu PJ, Aine u Mar­tina u fil-kura lov­ing ħbieb tiegħu Ann u Jar­leth. Repos­ing fuq bin­tu res­id­en­za Aine, il-2 Rus­sel­stown Salib, Triq Dub­lin, Athy minn 17:00, il-ħam­is, bl Rużar­ju fil 20:00. Tneħħi­ja nhar il-Ġimgħa għal qud­diesa funer­ali fil 13:00 fil-Knis­ja Par­rokkjali ta San Mikiel, Athy bil dfin wara fi New Ċim­iter­ju San Mikiel, Athy. Pro­fon­da­ment ddis­p­jaċih minn tfal tiegħu, neputiji­et Tom, Katie, Jack, Allie, Louise, Chloë, Anna u Con­or, ħutu Michael, Benny u Sean, aħwa Kath­leen, Breda, Mai u famil­jari usa ‘. Miet qab­il­ha mill-mara lov­ing tiegħu Peig. privat Kam­ra nhar il-Ġimgħa fil­għodu jekk jogħġbok.
Andy Bren­nan, Tick­nev­in, Car­bury
Andy Bren­nan ta Tick­nev­in, Car­bury miet imdawwar mill-famil­ja lov­ing tiegħu fl-Isptar Naas-Tne­jn Novem­bru 7. Huwa miet qab­il­ha minn ibnu, Tommy, ddis­p­jaċih ħafna mill-mara lov­ing tiegħu Nan, u sfor­tu­nata­ment qbiżt mill-famil­ja tiegħu, Kath­leen, Trisha u Ciaran , aħwa, aħwa, neputiji­et, great-neputiji­et, ulied fil-liġi,-ibniet fil-liġi,-aħwa fil-liġi,-sorijiet fil-liġi, neph­ews, nieces, qra­ba u ħbieb.
fdaliji­et Andy se repose fid-dar tiegħu ille­jla ma ruz­ar­ju fil 21:00. Mas­sa funer­al tiegħu se jsir għada, il-Ħam­is fi 1:30 fil Holy Trin­ity Church, Der­rin­turn bil dfin wara fiċ-ċim­iter­ju kon­tig­wi. Fjuri tal-famil­ja biss jekk jogħġbok, donazz­jon­iji­et, jekk mix­tieq, biex Down Syn­drome Irlanda. privat Kam­ra nhar il-Ħam­is.