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Recognize and resist, my fellow Catholics.


Let’s start the New Year off correctly and name the enemy, shall we?

The enemy, of course, is Satan, but Satan needs allies — or, as the Lord God named them in Eden, his offspring. Satan needs disciples, and as Servant of God Fr. John Hardon so perfectly said, he has them, just as Our Blessed Lord has them.

It matters little if Satan’s disciples have clearly in their mind that they are doing his will. Conscious participation in his will increases their culpability, their responsibility. We’ll leave that portion to the Eternal Judge, to Whom it properly belongs.

For now, let’s just concentrate on the action of Satan’s children, his disciples. These enemies of the Church — and that is what they are — agitate in their intellects and wills against Catholic truth. Overturning Catholic truth, of course, is just a means to an end. The complete destruction of the Catholic Church is the brass ring for Satan’s offspring. And if that isn’t in the forefront of their minds like we said earlier, it most definitely is in the intellect of their damnable father.

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the year that one of his most prolific offspring, Martin Luther, tore Christianity apart. The heresy of Protestantism is the parent of Modernism, the heresy identified by Pope St. Pius X as “”the synthesis of all heresies.””

The mindset of Protestantism is individualism, a taking of the authority properly vested in the Church and assigning it to oneself. We see this most evidently played out in the Protestant “”love”” of Scripture. It isn’t love to twist and distort the true meaning of Scripture, even if you are doing it naïvely. Again, that goes to culpability, not truth.

Protestantism is a heresy, and the unwillingness of so many Catholic clerics to either recognize it or attack it does not make it any less of a heresy. Moreover, the complicity on the part of Catholic clerics to cozy up to a heresy is damnable. It doesn’t matter how little heresy may be present; just one drop of cyanide in a drink is enough to kill.

And if you are wondering where clerics are cozying up to heresy, well, Holy Communion for adulterers is a good jumping-off point. Allowing the sin of sodomy to be ignored or passed over lightly is another. The physical, if not spiritual, denial of the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist is another, made manifest by the irreverence and political correctness so evident in so many parishes and chanceries and seminaries.

Yet, all three of these heresies, or some combination of them, are all present in Protestantism, in its most basic form, revealed these days in Modernism. Modernism’s wicked parent is Martin Luther’s Protestant Revolt. The whole damnable system is built on a denial of Catholic teaching, truth and the very Church Herself.

All of Protestantism is little else than a complex system to reject the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

And this is how it works. The Real Presence is denied by denying some or all of the sacraments in total. The sacraments are denied by denying the Church’s authority. The Church’s authority is denied by acclaiming Sola Scriptura — Scripture Alone.

Yet there is no such thing as Scripture alone. Someone has to interpret it. And that’s where the Protestant Revolt jams its stake into the ground: “”I”” will interpret it through the Holy Spirit speaking in me.


This is why Catholics must be extremely careful of people, even Catholics, making the claim, “”The Holy Spirit told me”” or “”The Holy Spirit placed on my heart.”” Those are classic, textbook, heresy-of-Protestantism lines. They sound so sweet and innocent, expressions of humility. Most of the time they are little else than entry lines, ploys to slip something evil into the conversation — again, with or without the individual’s conscious knowledge.

The road to salvation is narrow and difficult. That fact is made clear in symbol by the candles on the altar. In between them is a narrow space where the Sacrifice of Calvary is made present to the Father, and without coming to that narrow space, again symbolized by the candles, one might never entertain any reasonable hope of gazing on the Father.

As Our Lord said, no one comes to the Father except through Me. It was true 2,000 years ago, and it’s never stopped being true. And no one gets to Christ except through the Catholic Church. The presence all over the place of the Protestant heresy, welcomed by so many bishops and errant clerics, creates roadblocks for people coming to the truth.

The real enemy is Satan, but his allies and offspring are the ones that must be battled in this temporal reality. They must be defeated intellectually and spiritually.

What we need is a Counter-Reformation, a Great Resistance, just as saints of the 16th and 17th century realized in their day. Five hundred years later, Protestantism is once again corrupting Catholic clergy. It began with a priest and spread quickly through the ranks of other priests, reaching bishops in a short time.

We stand at this precipice again in the Church, in thousands of parishes with countless clerics who are protestant under their Catholic robes no less than Thomas Cranmer, Catholic archbishop of Canterbury, was a Lutheran under his bishop’s robes.

Recognize and resist, my fellow Catholics. That is a fitting cry for this year of the 500th anniversary of this despicable heresy.

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L-ghadu REAL
Jirrikonoxxu u jirreżistu, Kattoliċi kollegi tiegħi.


Nibdew l-Sena l-Ġdida off korrett u isem l-ghadu, għandu aħna?

L-ghadu, naturalment, huwa Satana, iżda Satana jeħtieġ alleati — jew, bħala l-Mulej Alla indikhom fil Eden, frieħ tiegħu. Satana ħtiġijiet dixxipli, u bħala Qaddej ta ‘Alla Fr. John Hardon hekk perfettament qal, huwa għandu minnhom, eżatt kif Lord Beatu tagħna magħhom.

Ftit jimporta jekk dixxipli Satana jkollhom ċar fil-moħħ tagħhom li jkunu qed jagħmlu r-rieda tiegħu. parteċipazzjoni konxja fit-testment tiegħu żidiet ħtija tagħhom, ir-responsabbiltà tagħhom. Aħna ser jitlaq minn dak porzjon tal-Imħallef Dejjiema, li lilha jappartjeni suppost.

Għal issa, ejja biss jikkonċentraw fuq l-azzjoni ta ‘tfal Satana, dixxipli tiegħu. Dawn il-għedewwa tal-Knisja — u dan huwa dak li qed — ħawwad fil intelletti tagħhom u testmenti kontra verità Kattolika. Qlib verità Kattolika, naturalment, huwa biss mezz għal għan. Il-qerda kompluta tal-Knisja Kattolika hija l-ħolqa ram għall-frieħ Satana. U jekk dan mhux fuq quddiem fil-moħħhom bħal għidna qabel, huwa aktar definittivament hija fil-intellett tal-missier damnable tagħhom.

2017 jimmarka l-500 anniversarju tas-sena li wieħed mill-frieħ aktar prolifiku tiegħu, Martin Luther, Tore Kristjaneżmu bogħod minn xulxin. Il ereżija tal Protestantism huwa l-ġenitur ta Modernism, il ereżija identifikat mill-Papa San Piju X bħala “”il-sintesi ta ‘heresies kollha.””

L-mentalità ta ‘Protestantism huwa individwaliżmu, teħid ta’ l-awtorità mogħtija kif suppost fil-Knisja u assenjazzjoni tiegħu lill-individwu stess. Naraw dan l-aktar evidentement ssirx fil- Protestanti “”imħabba”” tal-Iskrittura. Mhuwiex imħabba li twist u jgħawġu l-tifsira vera ta ‘l-Iskrittura, anki jekk inti qiegħed tagħmel dan naively. Għal darb’oħra, li tmur lil ħtija, mhux verità.

Protestantism huwa ereżija, u l-nuqqas ta ‘rieda ta’ clerics Kattoliċi tant li jew jirrikonoxxu jew attakk ma jagħmilx xi inqas ta ‘ereżija. Barra minn hekk, il-kompliċità min-naħa tal clerics Kattolika biex cosy sa ereżija hija damnable. Ma jimpurtax kif ftit ereżija jistgħu jkunu preżenti; biss wieħed qatra ta ‘ċjanur fl xarba hija biżżejjed biex joqtlu.