Winter farm market opens in Bainbridge: Valley Views

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Win­ter farm mar­ket opens in Bain­bridge: Val­ley Views

Print Email Joan Rusek, spe­cial to By Joan Rusek, spe­cial to
on Octo­ber 11, 2016 at 4:01 PM, updated Octo­ber 11, 2016 at 4:29 PM
CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio – With the end of fall har­vest, the area’s farm mar­kets dis­ap­pear faster than you can say Jack Frost. Good news. The Geau­ga Fresh Farm­ers’ Mar­ket announced that the second year of their win­ter mar­ket will open right after their sum­mer sea­son in South Rus­sell ends.

The win­ter mar­ket will be loc­ated in Lowe’s Green­house, Flor­ist and Gift Shop, 16540 Chil­li­cothe Rd. in Bain­bridge. The mar­ket will run indoors from 9 a.m. to Noon every Sat­urday. The first phase will run Oct. 22 – Dec. 31, with the second phase blos­som­ing from Jan.7 through March 18.

St. Joan of Arc stu­dents lift their pray­ers to heav­en.
St. Joan of Arc School

Accord­ing to Mar­ket Man­ager Cheryl Ham­mon, the win­ter mar­ket will offer many fresh, loc­al products and many vendors famil­i­ar to those who atten­ded both the past sum­mer and win­ter mar­kets. These include Her­sh­ber­ger Organ­ic Pro­duce, Woolf Farms, Har­vest Bell Farm, Bat Barn Farm and For­aging, Sandee River Farm, Maple Star Farm, Sil­ver Rose Alpaca Farm, Carmen’s Homemade Bread, Carhops’s Bur­ger Sauce and Mobile Diner, Lit­tlew­ing Wood­work and 2 Pony’s Inc.

A num­ber of oth­er vendors will par­ti­cip­ate in the win­ter mar­ket as long as they can provide fresh products or on a part-time basis. These include Maple Crest Farm, Forest Fungi Farm, Aurora Springs Hon­ey, bakery from So Sweet and Diblasi’s, Nat­ur­al Excel­lence Farm and Gar­dens, BB Farms, and Free Range Skin Care, Little Green Oas­is and Sandy K’s skin care products.

Shop­pers can keep up to date on weekly spe­cial mar­ket events on Face­book or at

Send­ing Pray­ers Lighter than Air: Saint Joan of Arc Cath­olic School marked The Feast Day of Our Lady of the Ros­ary Oct. 7 in a very spe­cial way. Their pray­ers were released to heav­ens, car­ried in a bal­loon sculp­ture.

Stu­dents in grades kinder­garten through eighth grade gathered in the school gym­nas­i­um to pray the ros­ary togeth­er. Mem­bers of the stu­dent coun­cil brought in a giant ros­ary con­struc­ted of blue bal­loons to rep­res­ent ros­ary beads, where the Hail Mary is prayed, and gold bal­loons for the pray­ers, Our Father and Glory Be.

Stu­dents in the upper grades led the recit­a­tion of the ros­ary, explain­ing each set of pray­ers that recall events in the lives of bib­lic­al icons, Jesus and Mary. After that, the entire stu­dent body went out­side to release the bal­loons in the school’s park­ing lot. Chil­dren were told to think of spe­cial people and thoughts they wanted to pray for as the bal­loons were released.

“It took a bit for the wind to catch the bal­loons, per­haps some spe­cial pray­ers were said, then off it went,”” said school spokes­per­son Teri Ker­nicki. ““All watched in silence as the giant ros­ary lif­ted again­st the clear blue sky.””

Cel­eb­rate Nation­al Chem­istry Week: The Chag­rin Falls Branch Lib­rary will allow stu­dents in grades three to six to do just that 7 – 8 p.m. Oct. 18 in its pro­gram, Solv­ing Mys­ter­ies through Chem­istry.

Par­ti­cipants can expect a fun even­ing with hands-on activ­it­ies that will let them get close to the action. They should be pre­pared to go all in and get messy. Led by volun­teers from the Amer­ic­an Chem­ic­al Soci­ety, fam­il­ies are invited to stay and par­ti­cip­ate. Register at 4402473556. The lib­rary is loc­ated at 100 Orange St. in Chag­rin Falls.

Who’s Afraid of Vir­gina Woolf: What’s more scary than a bad mar­riage? It’s not exactly a haunt­ing, but, Edward Albee’s clas­sic 1960s drama ““Who’s Afraid of Vir­ginia Woolf”” will hit the stage 8 p.m. Oct. 21 at the River Street Play­house, 56 River St. in Chag­rin Falls.

Dir­ec­ted by Claudia Lil­libridge, it stars Rob Wal­ter as George Dar­le­ne Roc­co as Martha, and John Hick­man as Nick and Jen­nifer Betz as Hon­ey.

The intim­ate play­house guar­an­tees that the audi­ence will be not just be close to the stage, but be swept up in the intox­ic­at­ing drama about the break­down of a middle-aged couple’s mar­riage as it unravels with the aid of too much con­sumed alco­hol.

Set on a col­lege cam­pus, char­ac­ters, George and Martha, have a mar­riage defined by vit­ri­olic verbal battles and an emo­tion­al depend­ence upon each oth­er. George is an asso­ci­ate his­tory pro­fess­or and Martha’s father is the uni­ver­sity pres­id­ent. Late one Sat­urday even­ing after a fac­ulty mix­er, Martha invites Nick, an ambi­tious new, bio­logy pro­fess­or and his mousy wife, Hon­ey, over for a night­cap. As the even­ing pro­gresses, Nick and Hon­ey, plied with more alco­hol, get caught up in George and Martha’s games of need­ing to hurt each oth­er and every­one around them.

Albee’s play blends illu­sion with real­ity, as 6 per­form­ances 8 p.m. Fri­days and Sat­urdays through Nov. 5. It is not inten­ded for chil­dren, and includes pro­fan­ity and sexu­al themes.

Tick­ets are $12. Con­tact or the box office at 4402478955, or stop in at 40 River St. 1 – 6 p.m. Monday through Sat­urday.

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