Our communication and negotiation skills

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Our communication and negotiation skills

Unit 2 and 3.

On his way to work, Carl uses his cellular phone from his car to remind his secretary at the office to fax certain reports to Chicago. Pam, his wife, already at her desk, checks the electronic mail on her computer terminal for any messages regarding the teleconference she will attend later that day. At work, Carl and Pam epitomize modern, sophisticated users of high-tech telecommunications. At home, they are more old-fashioned.

Last night, Carl and Pam had another of their yelling matches on the same old recurring themes: he doesn’t listen to her, she nags him. After the argument, he marched off in a silent rage, and she burst into tears. You see, Carl and Pam also epitomize today’s young married couple who doesn’t know how to communicate.

All around us we notice that in the use of slick telecommunication, today’s society is futuristic, light-years ahead of its time. And yet when it comes to interpersonal communication, we often trudge along like grunting cave dwellers.

Communication between a husband and wife is an absolute necessity! But communication involves more than just the mouth and the ears. It involves the total person: eyes, hands, mind, heart. Communication between you and your partner cannot incorporate the cold transmission of information, as it does when Carl is on his cellular phone or Pam is at her computer terminal. True communication between loving partners must involve, on both sides, a warm sharing of self. It must involve the total giving of yourself to your partner.

Effective interpersonal communication does not come easily. It requires certain skills that don’t come naturally and are therefore often overlooked. These skills need to be learned. Because people in our society are poor at negotiating differences and haven’t actually learned any good ways to do it, they often resort to negative behaviours such as yelling, abuse, defensive attitudes, silent treatments, or cheap verbal shots. In the world outside your marriage, these techniques will classify you as aggressive at worst. In the world of your marriage, they may destroy the relationship. Destructive fighting tears down, destroys, takes life away. Constructive fighting builds up, enhances, gives life to marriage.

I was amazed at how many bumps, bruises, and scrapes my twin nephews got when they were young, in the course of a day. But we’re even more amazed at how fast the “boo-boos” heal. Their young bodies quickly recuperate. Though we’re not ancient, we notice that on our bodies such scrapes and bumps take a lot longer to heal. And the individuals in the twilight years of their lives realize that some bruises never heal.

Your marriage is similar. While it’s still very young, it has an amazing capacity for self-mending. The two of you are able to bounce back from a destructive fight relatively quickly, and the fight leaves no apparent scar. But as your marriage matures, its resilience diminishes. Scars form. Repercussions from destructive fights remain.

This is why it is very important to establish good skills for fair fighting now while your marriage is young. Disagreements are inevitable, even necessary for a strong, lasting relationship. But they can be expressed in a life-giving and constructive way. If you are practicing destructive fighting techniques now, chances are you will begin to develop more lasting scars.

In the units on communication and conflict, we will focus on how well you think you communicate as a couple. The questions will reflect this focus, and will also ask you to look at how you fight. We have also listed some tried and true rules for disagreements; you can tear this page out and hang it on your refrigerator.

One final note. We have found one of the best ways to witness your partner’s true colours before you marry is to have a fight of substantial weight. We don’t mean a little nagging, recurring squabble, but a serious disagreement. T oo often, engaged couples avoid discussing an issue they know will erupt into a fight, hoping that somehow the wedding will make it all O.K. We think that this is a mistake. We’re not advocating that you fabricate a fight just because we suggest it will help your relationship! Rather we are saying that you should not avoid fighting before the wedding (or after the wedding). When you’re angry, upset, or hurt, and you attempt to communicate that to the one you love, your true self emerges. Facades tumble. Pretences vanish. How you “look” is no longer important. You’re hurt or angry and you want your partner to know it! If you don’t like what you see in your partner or yourself when you fight, then you probably won’t like what you see in your marriage down the road. The quality of your fighting now, before you marry, may indicate the quality of your future marriage.

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komunikazzjoni u ħiliet tan-negozjar tagħna

Unità 2 u 3.

Fi triqtu lejn ix-xogħol, Carl juża telefon ċellulari tiegħu mill-karozza tiegħu biex tfakkar segretarju tiegħu fl-uffiċċju li fax ċerti rapporti lill Chicago. Pam, martu, diġà fuq l-iskrivanija tagħha, kontrolli l-posta elettronika fuq tagħmir terminali kompjuter tagħha għal xi messaġġi dwar il-telekonferenza hi se jattendu aktar tard dik il-ġurnata. Fuq ix-xogħol, Carl u Pam epitomize moderna, l-utenti sofistikati ta ‘telekomunikazzjoni ta’ teknoloġija għolja. Fid-dar, huma aktar antikwata.

Ieri, Carl u Pam kellhom ieħor ta ‘logħbiet yelling tagħhom fuq l-istess temi rikorrenti qodma: hu ma jisimgħu lilha, hi nags lilu. Wara l-argument, huwa marched off Rage siekta, u hi jinfaqax fis-tiċrit. You see, Carl u Pam epitomize wkoll koppja miżżewġa żgħażagħ tal-lum li ma jkunx jaf kif jikkomunikaw.

Kollha madwarna aħna avviż li fl-użu ta ‘telekomunikazzjoni roqgħa, is-soċjetà tal-lum hija futuristiku, dawl snin qabel iż-żmien tiegħu. U għadhom meta niġu għall-komunikazzjoni interpersonali, aħna sikwit trudge flimkien bħal grunting joqgħod grotta.

Komunikazzjoni bejn raġel u mara hija ħtieġa assoluta! Iżda komunikazzjoni jinvolvi aktar minn sempliċiment il-ħalq u l-widnejn. Dan jinvolvi l-persuna totali: għajnejn, idejn, moħħ, qalb. Komunikazzjoni bejnek u l-partner tiegħek ma tista ‘tinkorpora t-trażmissjoni kiesaħ ta’ informazzjoni, bħal meta Carl huwa fuq telefon ċellulari tiegħu jew Pam huwa fil computer terminal tagħha. komunikazzjoni Veru bejn l-imsieħba loving għandu jinvolvi, fuq iż-żewġ naħat, qsim sħuna ta ‘awto. Għandu jinvolvi l-għoti totali ta ‘lilek innifsek lill-partner tiegħek.

Understanding each other

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Understanding each other

Which one of the following qualities I possess?
Laid back.
Lacks self confidence.
Irritable – takes offence very quickly.
Takes the initiative.
Avoids responsibilities.
Hard headed (‘my will be done’).
Good humoured – joyful disposition.
Prudent – practical wisdom – good sense.
Bad tempered.
2. What type of childhood did you have:
Had a happy childhood.
Did not have a very happy childhood.
Had a difficult childhood.
3. Do you find it difficult to express what you feel?
I find it easy to express my feelings.
I do not find it very easy.

4. What do you appreciate most in yourself?

5. Do you think you have certain habits that you have to change in order to avoid conflict, once you get married?
Not certain.

If you answered yes, have you talked about this?
6. Do you know your partner well enough to be able to decide that you can spend the rest of your life with him/her?
I know him/her very well.
I know him/her more or less.
I do not know him/her well enough.

7. Do you know what are his/her greatest fears?
Not certain.

8. Do you know what, more than anything, makes your partner happy?
Not certain.

9. Do you think you are helping your partner be a better person?
I think I am.
I don’t think I am helping him/her much.

10. Which of the following would indicate what you are likely going to be in your married life?
The one who would manage the family finances.
The one who would take care of the children.
The one who would be taking the decisions.
I’ll be taking on his mother role.
I’ll be his friend.
I’ll be his lover.
I’ll be his partner.

11. Mention two important decisions that you have taken together?

12. What is that thing in you that your partner is finding it difficult to get used to?

13. Which one of these your partner does when you are talking to each other?
Looks at me when I am talking.
Concentrates on what I am saying and not thinking about what he is going to say himself.
Gives me time to say what I have to say without stopping me.
He tries to read my feelings through what I am saying.

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Fehim xulxin

Liema waħda mill-kwalitajiet li ġejjin I jkollhom?
Jitpoġġa lura.
Nieqes kunfidenza fihom infushom.
Irritabbli – jieħu reat malajr ħafna.
Tieħu l-inizjattiva.
Tevita responsabbiltajiet.
Hard intitolat ( “”tiegħi se jsir””).
Tajba humoured – dispożizzjoni ferrieħa.
Prudenti – għerf prattiku – sens tajjeb.
Bad ittemprat.
2. Liema tip ta ‘tfulija kellek:
Kellhom tfulija kuntenti.
Ma kellux tfulija kuntenti ħafna.
Kellhom tfulija diffiċli.
3. Do issibha diffiċli biex jesprimu dak li tħoss?
I jsibuha faċli biex jesprimu sentimenti tiegħi.
Jien ma jsibuha faċli ħafna.

4. What do you japprezzaw aktar fl-yourself?

5. Taħseb li għandek ċerti drawwiet li inti għandek għall-bidla sabiex biex ikun evitat konflitt, ladarba inti jiżżewġu?
Mhux ċert.

Jekk weġibt iva, qatt tkellem dwar dan?
6. Taf partner tiegħek tajjeb biżżejjed biex tkun tista ‘tiddeċiedi li inti tista’ tonfoq il-bqija tal-ħajja tiegħek miegħu / magħha?
Naf lilu / bir lilha ħafna.
Naf lilu / lilha aktar jew inqas.
I do not know lilu / tajjeb biżżejjed tagħha.

7. Taf liema huma biżgħat akbar tiegħu / tagħha?
Mhux ċert.

8. Taf liema, aktar minn kull ħaġa oħra, jagħmel sieħeb tiegħek kuntenti?
Mhux ċert.

9. Taħseb inti tgħin partner tiegħek tkun persuna aħjar?
I think I am.
I do not think I am jgħin lilu / ħafna lilha.

10. Liema minn dawn li ġejjin għandu jindika kemm inti x’aktarx se tkun fil-ħajja miżżewġa tiegħek?
Il-wieħed li se jamministraw il-finanzi tal-familja.
Il-wieħed li se jieħdu ħsieb tat-tfal.
Il-wieħed li se tkun qed tieħu d-deċiżjonijiet.
I ser tkun qed tieħu dwar ir-rwol ommu.
I ser tkun ħabib tiegħu.
I ser tkun lover tiegħu.
I ser tkun is-sieħba tiegħu.

11. Semmi żewġ deċiżjonijiet importanti li ħadt flimkien?

12. X’inhu li ħaġa fil inti li l-partner tiegħek huwa isibuha diffiċli biex jidraw?

13. Liema wieħed minn dawn l-partner tiegħek ma meta inti qed titkellem ma ‘xulxin?
Tħares lejn lili meta I am jitkellem.
Jikkonċentra fuq dak I am qal u ma jaħsbu dwar dak li huwa se ngħid lilu nnifsu.
Tagħti me żmien biex jgħidu dak li għandi ngħid mingħajr waqfien lili.
Huwa jipprova jaqra sentimenti tiegħi permezz ta ‘dak I am qal.

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Die verstaan ​​van mekaar

Watter een van die volgende kwaliteite ek besit?
Gebrek aan selfvertroue.
Prikkelbare – neem aanstoot baie vinnig.
Neem die inisiatief.
Vermy verantwoordelikhede.
Hard aan die hoof ( ‘my wil geskied “”).
Goeie moed – vreugdevolle ingesteldheid.
Omsigtige – praktiese wysheid – goeie sin.
Slegte gehard.
2. Watter tipe kinderjare het jy:
Het ‘n gelukkige kinderjare.
Het nie ‘n baie gelukkig kinderdae.
Het ‘n moeilike kinderjare.
3. Het jy dit moeilik vind om te sê wat jy voel?
Ek vind dit maklik om my gevoelens uit te druk.
Ek vind dit nie baie maklik nie.

4. Wat doen jy die meeste in jouself te waardeer?

5. Dink jy jy het sekere gewoontes wat jy hoef te verander ten einde konflik te vermy, as jy trou?
Nie seker is nie.

As jy ja geantwoord het, het jy gepraat oor hierdie?
6. Weet jy jou maat goed genoeg is om in staat wees om te besluit wat jy die res van jou lewe kan spandeer saam met hom / haar?
Ek ken hom / haar baie goed.
Ek ken hom / haar min of meer.
Ek ken hom nie / haar goed genoeg nie.

EU says membership talks still open if Turkey wants them

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EU says membership talks still open if Turkey wants them

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union is keeping the door ajar for Turkey to become a member, but says Ankara must provide clearer signals on whether it intends to meet the entrance criteria in such areas as human rights and rule of law.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that despite the doubts expressed by some foreign ministers during a meeting Friday, the EU for now favors continuing the protracted accession talks with Turkey.

“”It is to them to express their willingness to continue to be a candidate country, to continue to be interested or not to join our family,”” she said.

Referring to democratic ground rules such as protecting minorities and outlawing the death penalty, Mogherini said “”the rules of the club are clear.””

“”We would be happy to have them in but a level of clarification is needed I would say on their side,”” she said at the end of a meeting of the 28 EU foreign ministers in Valletta, Malta.

The EU ministers also met with their Turkish counterpart for the first high-level discussion since the divisive referendum this month that gives more powers to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In the run-up to the vote, Erdogan voiced harsh criticism of several EU nations that refused to allow his Cabinet members to campaign among expatriate Turks, comparing some of them to Nazis.

While some ministers are calling for sustained relations with a pillar of the NATO alliance and a major partner in controlling the flow of migrants into the EU from Syria and beyond, others are calling for change.

There are so many areas where we need a correct, friendly and productive cooperation that we have to see, together with our Turkish colleagues, how we can improve the situation,”” EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn said.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has been at the forefront in calling for a fundamental reset of relations, and claims Turkey has thwarted fundamental EU values.

“”The path cannot be membership,”” he said. He insisted that Erdogan had crossed many “”red lines”” that would bar membership, including the imprisonment of journalists, undue pressure on the opposition, and the referendum to make the presidency more powerful.

“”I would like to see a clear, courageous EU stand. ‘Yes’ to contact with Turkey. ‘No’ to accession,”” Kurz said.

At the end of the meeting, the EU put the membership ball in Erdogan’s court.

In the wake of the referendum victory two weeks ago, Erdogan has spoken of reinstating the death penalty, which is outlawed in all EU nations as a key moral benchmark of the bloc.

Turkey applied to join the EU three decades ago, and negotiations commenced in 2005. But of the 16 negotiating chapters on issues as varied as capital movement and food safety, only one has been provisionally closed: science and research. There has been no progress in recent months, and none is expected any time soon.

“”The accession process continues. It is not suspended or ended, but as you might know, we are currently not working on opening any new negotiating chapter,”” Mogherini said.

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UE jgħid taħdidiet sħubija xorta tiftaħ jekk it-Turkija tridhom

BRUSSELL (AP) – L-Unjoni Ewropea qed iżżomm l-imbexxaq bieb għat-Turkija biex issir membru, iżda jgħid Ankara għandhom jipprovdu sinjali aktar ċari dwar jekk ikollha l-ħsieb li jilħqu l-kriterji entratura f’oqsma bħall drittijiet tal-bniedem u l-istat tad-dritt.

kap tal-politika barranija tal-UE Federica Mogherini qal li minkejja d-dubji espressi minn xi ministri barranin waqt laqgħa Ġimgħa, l-UE għal issa jippreferi tkomplija it-taħditiet adeżjoni mtawla mat-Turkija.

“”Huwa għalihom biex jesprimu r-rieda tagħhom li jkomplu bħala pajjiż kandidat, biex ikomplu jkunu interessati jew le li jissieħbu familja tagħna,”” qalet.

B’referenza għall regoli bażiċi demokratiċi bħal ħarsien minoranzi u tagħmel illegali l-piena tal-mewt, Mogherini qal “”ir-regoli tal-klabb huma ċari.””

“”Inkunu kuntenti li jkollhom magħhom fil iżda livell ta ‘kjarifika hija meħtieġa Jien ngħid min-naħa tagħhom,”” qalet fl-aħħar ta’ laqgħa tal-28 ministri barranin tal-UE fil-Belt Valletta, Malta.

Il-ministri tal-UE ltaqgħu wkoll ma ‘kontroparti Torka tagħhom għall-ewwel livell għoli diskussjoni peress li l-referendum firda dan ix-xahar li jagħti aktar poteri lill-President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tat-Turkija.

Fil-perjodu li jwassal għall-vot, Erdogan esprimew kritika ħarxa ta ‘diversi nazzjonijiet UE li rrifjutaw li jippermettu lill-membri tal-Kabinett tiegħu għall-kampanja fost Torok espatrijati, li jqabbel xi wħud minnhom biex Nazi.

Filwaqt li xi ministri qed jitolbu għar-relazzjonijiet sostnuti bi pilastru tal-alleanza tan-NATO u sieħeb ewlieni fil-kontroll tal-fluss ta ‘migranti fl-UE mis-Sirja u lil hinn, oħrajn qed jitolbu għall-bidla.

Hemm daqstant oqsma fejn għandna bżonn kooperazzjoni korretta, faċli u produttivi li għandna biex tara, flimkien mal-kollegi Torok tagħna, kif nistgħu ntejbu s-sitwazzjoni, “”Kummissarju għat-Tkabbir tal-UE Johannes Hahn qal.

Awstrijaka Barranin Ministru Sebastian Kurz ġiet fuq quddiemnett fit-talba għal reset fundamentali tar-relazzjonijiet, u pretensjonijiet Turkija ppreġudika valuri fundamentali tal-UE.

“”Il-passaġġ ma tistax tkun sħubija,”” huwa qal. Huwa insista li Erdogan kienet qasmu ħafna “”linji l-ħomor”” li jimpedixxu sħubija, inkluża l-priġunerija ta ‘ġurnalisti, pressjoni żejda fuq l-oppożizzjoni, u r-referendum li jagħmlu l-presidenza aktar qawwija.

“”Nixtieq li tara ċar, stand kuraġġuża UE.”” Iva “”għall-kuntatt mat-Turkija.”” Le “”għall-adeżjoni,”” Kurz qal.

Fl-aħħar tal-laqgħa, l-UE skorja l sħubija fil-qorti Erdogan.

Fid-dawl tal-rebħa referendum ġimgħatejn ilu, Erdogan mitkellma tal jerġgħu jistabbilixxu l-piena tal-mewt, li hija illegali fil-nazzjonijiet kollha tal-UE bħala punt ta ‘referenza morali ewlieni tal-blokk.

Dundjan applikati biex jissieħbu fl-UE tletin sena ilu, u n-negozjati mibdija fl-2005 Iżda mill-kapitoli tan-negozjati 16 dwar kwistjonijiet diverġenti ħafna bħall-moviment tal-kapital u s-sikurezza tal-ikel, wieħed biss ngħalaq temporanjament: ix-xjenza u r-riċerka. Ma sar ebda progress fl-aħħar xhur, u ħadd huwa mistenni kwalunkwe ħin dalwaqt.

“”Il-proċess ta ‘adeżjoni tkompli. Mhuwiex sospiż jew mitmum, imma kif inti tista’ taf, aħna bħalissa ma jkunux qed jaħdmu fuq il-ftuħ xi kapitoli ġodda ta ‘negozjar,”” Mogherini qal.

Copyright 2017 Il-Associated Press. Id-drittijiet kollha riżervati. Dan il-materjal ma tistax tiġi ppubblikata, xandir, miktuba mill-ġdid jew ridistribwiti.

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Malta’s Claudia Faniello goes Italian as Eurovision approaches

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Malta’s Claudia Faniello goes Italian as Eurovision approaches

Claudia Faniello will finally represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest at the ninth time of asking. Her powerful ballad Breathlessly secured her long overdue win at the Malta Song For Europe earlier this year and she is one of the more popular artists with Eurovision fans across Europe.

Walford reacts badly to Tracey the barmaid’s sacking in EastEnders
With Italy set to achieve a runaway win at the Eurovision Song Contest if the bookmakers and pundits are to be believed, Malta will be happy to secure a place in the final for a second year running.
Claudia Faniello however, is experienced in song contests and could place well in the final.
Malta’s Claudia Faniello goes Italian as Eurovision approaches
Could Claudia Faniello be on course for a great Eurovision result? (Picture: Eurovision.tv)
The songstress has come close to winning the Maltese ticket to Eurovision three times before and entered every year from 2006 until 2013. She placed second in Malta twice with Caravaggio in 2008 and again in 2012 with Pure. After a four year break from the competition, Claudia returned with this year’s entry and stormed to victory in Malta.

Claudia Faniello is half Italian and surprised Eurovision fans with a special version of Breathlessly that debuted today.
She has re-recorded the song in Italian as a surprise gift to her father. Perdersi is every bit as good as the English language version of the song and has gone down well with fans preparing for rehearsals over the coming days.

The art of releasing alternative language versions was once hugely popular and an important way for Eurovision artists to promote their entries internationally before the Eurovision Song Contest.
Since 1999, entries can be performed in any language and most choose English. The last Eurovision winner to sing in their native language was Serbia’s Maria Serifovic in 2007.
1985 winners Bobbysocks were well prepared for victory with an English version of Let It Swing. They performed in the United Kingdom and Netherlands as their entry became a big hit across Europe.

Without an English version of Waterloo, ABBA may never have gone on to dominate pop charts all over the world.
They also recorded the global smash hit in Spanish and French. Strangely, however, the French version seems to drop all references to the battle that saw Napoleon’s defeat!

Claudia Faniello will represent Malta in the second Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday 13 May. Breathlessly will be the fourth song to perform.
Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/29/maltas-claudia-faniello-goes-italian-as-eurovision-approaches-6606238/#ixzz4fhsdTCeC

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Claudia Faniello Malta tmur Taljan bħala approċċi Eurovision

Claudia Faniello se finalment jirrappreżenta Malta fil-Eurovision Song Contest fil-disa ‘darba ta’ tistaqsi. ballad qawwija tagħha breathlessly assigurati rebħa suppost saru tagħha twil fil-Malta Song għall-Ewropa aktar kmieni din is-sena u hija waħda mill-artisti aktar popolari mal-partitarji Eurovision madwar l-Ewropa.

Walford jirreaġixxi ħażin lill Tracey xkejjer tal-barmaid fil EastEnders
Bil-Italja stabbiliti biex jinkiseb rebħa runaway fil-Eurovision Song Contest jekk il-bookmakers u pundits għandhom jiġu meqjusa, Malta se jkunu kuntenti li jiżguraw post fil-finali għat-tieni sena konsekuttiva.
Claudia Faniello madankollu, għandu esperjenza fil-kompetizzjonijiet kanzunetta u tista ‘tpoġġi sew fil-finali.
Claudia Faniello Malta tmur Taljan bħala approċċi Eurovision
Jista Claudia Faniello tkun fuq kors għal riżultat Eurovision kbira? (Ritratt: Eurovision.tv)
Il songstress wasal qrib il tirbaħ il-biljett Malti Eurovision tliet darbiet qabel u daħal kull sena mill-2006 sa l-2013 Hija mqiegħda tieni f’Malta darbtejn mal Caravaggio fl-2008 u għal darb’oħra fl-2012 ma ‘Pura. Wara waqfa ta ‘erba’ snin mill-kompetizzjoni, Claudia lura ma ‘dħul din is-sena u daħlu lejn ir-rebħa f’Malta.

Claudia Faniello hija nofs Taljan u sorpriż fannijiet Eurovision ma ‘verżjoni speċjali ta’ breathlessly dak debuted llum.
Hija reġgħet irreġistrat il-kanzunetta bit-Taljan bħala rigal sorpriża li missierha. Perdersi huwa kull bit bħala tajbin bħala l-verżjoni tal-lingwa Ingliża tal-kanzunetta u niżel tajjeb mal-partitarji preparazzjoni għall provi matul il-jiem li ġejjin.

L-arti ta ‘rilaxx verżjonijiet lingwistiċi alternattiva darba kien immensament popolari u mod importanti għall-artisti Eurovision biex jippromwovu d-dħul tagħhom internazzjonalment qabel il Eurovision Song Contest.
Mill-1999, l-entrati jistgħu jsiru fi kwalunkwe lingwa u aktar jagħżlu l-Ingliż. L-aħħar rebbieħ Eurovision biex tkanta fil-lingwa nattiva tagħhom kienet Maria Serifovic tas-Serbja fl-2007.
1985 rebbieħa Bobbysocks kienu ppreparati tajjeb għar-rebħa ma ‘verżjoni Ingliża ta’ Let It Swing. Huma mwettqa fir-Renju Unit u l-Olanda bħala dħul tagħhom saret hit kbir madwar l-Ewropa.

Mingħajr verżjoni Ingliża ta ‘Waterloo, ABBA jista qatt mxew fuq li jiddominaw mapep pop madwar id-dinja.
Huma rreġistrati wkoll il smash globali hit bl-Ispanjol u bil-Franċiż. B’mod stramb, madankollu, il-verżjoni Franċiża tidher li tinżel referenzi kollha għall-battalja li rat telfa Napuljun!

Claudia Faniello se jirrappreżentaw Malta fit-tieni Festival tal-Eurovision nhar il-Ħamis 13 Mejju. Breathlessly se tkun ir-raba kanzunetta biex iwettqu.
Aqra iktar: http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/29/maltas-claudia-faniello-goes-italian-as-eurovision-approaches-6606238/#ixzz4fhsdTCeC

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Malta se Claudia Faniello gaan Italiaanse as Eurovision benaderings

Claudia Faniello sal uiteindelik verteenwoordig Malta by die Eurovision Song Contest by die negende keer te vra. Haar kragtige ballade uitasem verseker haar lankal oorwinning by die Malta Song Vir Europa vroeër vanjaar en sy is een van die meer gewilde kunstenaars met Eurovision ondersteuners oor die hele Europa.

Walford reageer sleg om Tracey afdanking die buffet juffrouw se in East Enders
Met Italië stel om ‘n weghol oorwinning by die Eurovision Song Contest bereik as die beroepswedders en kenners word geglo, sal Malta gelukkig wees om ‘n plek in die eindstryd te verseker vir ‘n tweede agtereenvolgende jaar.
Claudia Faniello egter ervaar in sang kompetisies en kon goed te plaas in die finaal.
Malta se Claudia Faniello gaan Italiaanse as Eurovision benaderings
Kon Claudia Faniello wees op koers vir ‘n groot Eurovision gevolg? (Foto: Eurovision.tv)
Die sangeres het naby aan die wen van die Maltese kaartjie tot drie keer voor Eurovision kom en elke jaar vanaf 2006 ingevoer tot 2013. Sy het tweede in Malta twee keer met Caravaggio in 2008 en weer in 2012 met Pure. Na ‘n vier jaar onderbreking van die kompetisie, Claudia teruggekeer met ingang vanjaar se en bestorm om ‘n oorwinning in Malta.

Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

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Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

The Maltese 2017 entrant Claudia Faniello is yet one more Eurovision artist to release her Eurovision song in another language. Thus, Claudia has released a new version of her entry Breathlessly in Italian , titled Perdersi (Disappear).

Claudia approaches her second homeland

As Claudia stated in the beginning of the video, she is half-Italian and that’s the reason for choosing that language for the remake of her song. On the eve of the ESC rehearsals in Kyiv, the new version of the song was released today.
Italian is also a language widely spoken in Malta, due to its geographical location below Italy. Thus, it’s quite possible that this version will touch the Italian-speaking audience and make Claudia even more famous in her second homeland.

Claudia Faniello rehearses for the first time in Kyiv at 11:00 CET on Tuesday 2 May in Kyiv. She will perform 4th in the second semi-final evening on 11 May. The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 9, 11 and 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

Malta: Claudia Faniello rilaxxi remake tad-dħul Eurovision tagħha

-Maltin 2017 parteċipant Claudia Faniello għadu wieħed aktar artist Eurovision li jirrilaxxa kanzunetta tal-Eurovision tagħha f’lingwa oħra. Għalhekk, Claudia tkun rilaxxata verżjoni ġdida tad-dħul breathlessly tagħha bit-Taljan, bit-titolu Perdersi (Disappear).

Claudia approċċi tieni patrija tagħha

Kif Claudia iddikjarat fil-bidu tal-video, hija nofs Taljan u dak l-raġuni għall-għażla li l-lingwa għall-remake tal-kanzunetta tagħha. Lejlet l-rehearsals ESC fi Kyiv, il-verżjoni l-ġdida tal-kanzunetta kien rilaxxat illum.
Italian huwa wkoll lingwa mitkellma f’Malta, minħabba l-lokazzjoni ġeografika tagħha taħt l-Italja. Għalhekk, huwa kompletament possibbli li din il-verżjoni se tmiss l-udjenza Taljan li jitkellmu u jagħmlu Claudia aktar famużi fid tieni patrija tagħha.

Claudia Faniello rehearses għall-ewwel darba fi Kyiv fi 11:00 CET nhar it-Tlieta 2 Mejju fi Kiev. Hi se jwettaq 4 fit-tieni għaxija semi-finali 11 ta ‘Mejju. -62 Festival tal-Eurovision se ssir fid-9, 11 u 13 ta ‘Mejju l-IEC fi Kyiv, l-Ukraina.

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Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

Malta: Claudia Faniello stel remake van haar Eurovision inskrywing

Die Maltese 2017 toetreder Claudia Faniello is nog een meer Eurovision kunstenaar haar Eurovision lied tot in ‘n ander taal vry te stel. So, Claudia het ‘n nuwe weergawe van haar inskrywing uitasem in Italiaans, getiteld Perdersi (verdwyn) vrygestel.

Claudia benaderings haar tweede vaderland

As Claudia in die begin van die video gesê, sy is half-Italiaans en dit is die rede vir die keuse van die taal vir die remake van haar liedjie. Op die vooraand van die ESC repetisies in Kiev, is die nuwe weergawe van die lied vandag vrygestel.
Italian is ook ‘n taal gepraat in Malta, as gevolg van sy geografiese ligging hieronder Italië. So, dit is heel moontlik dat hierdie weergawe van die Italiaanse-sprekende gehoor sal raak en maak Claudia selfs meer bekende in haar tweede vaderland.

Claudia Faniello oefen vir die eerste keer in Kiev om 11:00 CET op Dinsdag 2 Mei in Kiev. Sy sal 4 uit te voer in die tweede halfeindstryd aand op 11 Mei. Die 62 Eurovision Song Contest sal plaasvind op 9, 11 en 13 Mei by die OVK in Kiev, Oekraïne.

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Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

Malta: Claudia Faniello lëshon xhirim e hyrjes së saj në Eurovizion

Maltese 2017 hyrje Claudia Faniello është edhe një artist shumë Eurovision për lirimin këngën e saj në Eurovizion në një gjuhë tjetër. Kështu, Claudia ka lëshuar një version të ri të hyrjes së saj breathlessly në italisht, të titulluar Perdersi (Zhduken).

Claudia afrohet atdheun e saj të dytë

Siç Claudia thuhet në fillim të videos, ajo është gjysmë-italiane dhe kjo është arsyeja për zgjedhjen e atë gjuhë për xhirim të këngës së saj. Në prag të provave ESC në Kiev, versioni i ri i këngës u lirua sot.
Italiane është gjithashtu një gjuhë e folur gjerësisht në Maltë, për shkak të vendndodhjes së saj gjeografike poshtë Itali. Pra, kjo është mjaft e mundshme që ky version do të prekë italiane-folëse audiencë dhe të bëjë Claudia edhe më i famshëm në atdheun e saj të dytë.

Claudia Faniello rehearses për herë të parë në Kiev në orën 11:00 CET të martën në 2 maj në Kiev. Ajo do të kryejë 4 në mbrëmje e dytë gjysmë-finale më 11 maj. Eurovision Song Contest 62 do të mbahet më 9, 11 dhe 13 maj në IEC në Kiev, Ukrainë.

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Malta: Claudia Faniello releases remake of her Eurovision entry

ማልታ: አዜብ Faniello ከእሷ Eurovision ለመግባት remake ያስለቅቃል

የ የማልታ 2017 አመሌካቾች አዜብ Faniello ሌላ ቋንቋ ከእሷ Eurovision ዘፈን ለመልቀቅ ገና አንድ ተጨማሪ Eurovision አርቲስት ነው. በመሆኑም አዜብ በጣሊያንኛ ከእሷ ግቤት አላቋርጥም አዲስ ስሪት, ርዕሱ Perdersi (ይጠፋ) ለቋል.

No, the whistleblower did NOT commit fraud. Pilatus Bank filed a false report against her when she reported them to the police

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No, the whistleblower did NOT commit fraud. Pilatus Bank filed a false report against her when she reported them to the police

No, the whistleblower did NOT commit fraud. Pilatus Bank filed a false report against her when she reported them to the police

Later on today this website will publish a first-person account of the whistleblower’s experiences at Pilatus Bank and how things came to this point.

In the meantime, it’s imperative that one aspect is cleared up immediately because of all the false information and character assassination being put about by aides to the Prime Minister, the Labour Party media and its friendly journalists in the independent newspapers.

These are the bare facts – the full story will be uploaded later.

Mrs X, who is a Russian citizen married to a European Union citizen, with two young children, worked at Pilatus Bank in January, February and March last year as a personal assistant to the CEO. She was not paid her salary at the end of January and told to wait until the end of February. At the end of February, she wasn’t paid either. In March, when she began to ask repeatedly for her outstanding salary, saying that she has young children and can’t afford to wait for her money, they handed her a notice of termination – without a cheque. She was told to expect her salary cheque in the post and it never arrived.

She kept ringing for her money and was never paid. She went to the Department of Industrial and Employment Relations and through the proper channels filed a report that her employer had failed to pay her.

The DIER did not take action at first, saying that it did not have a lawyer to handle her case, but she carried on chasing the matter. The DIER wrote to Pilatus Bank, and the bank wrote back saying it had paid her in cash (untrue – bank wages and salaries are not paid in cash) and that she was an intern and not an employee (untrue – she was PA to the CEO).

After several months, the DIER referred to matter to the police for action, because failing to pay employees is a criminal act. The police instituted criminal action against Pilatus Bank for failing to pay its employee. The case is ongoing and the next hearing of this case at the Courts of Justice is on 16 May.

As soon as Pilatus Bank received notice of prosecution for failing to pay Mrs X, they immediately filed a retaliatory police report against her, accusing her of using the bank’s money to pay for flights for her husband and children on a trip abroad.

Not only had the flights been booked with the consent and knowledge of her direct superior, the bank CEO, but they had been booked at his own suggestion when he asked her to travel for training with some other employees of the bank, and she pointed that she couldn’t travel freely on a Russian passport unless accompanied by her husband, an EU citizen, and he couldn’t travel with her because their children are too young to be left alone.

The police responded incredibly enthusiastically to Pilatus Bank’s report that a former employer had, months earlier, booked flights for her husband and children (missing piece of information: at the CEO’s suggestion). They had a warrant issued for Mrs X’s arrest, then arrested her and took her in for interrogation. They kept her in a cell from morning until night and the interrogating officer repeatedly told her “You did it. Admit it, you did it.” To which she responded: “Did what? How can I admit it when I don’t know what it is.”

Then they charged her with fraud before the Speaker’s daughter, a freshly-minted magistrate, the case is still ongoing, and she still hasn’t been paid her salary.

More abusively still, the police asked the Speaker’s daughter to allow them to sequester Mrs X’s passport, which is the property of the Russian government, her domestic Russian identification document (the equivalent of the Maltese ID card). The Speaker’s daughter complied, and Mrs X is now without documents and unable to leave Malta even for a day.

Last October, Mrs X’s mother died and the police refused to release her passport to allow her to fly home to bury her.

And then on top of all this, when she reports to the press the things she saw first-hand at the bank, and then volunteers herself for testimony before the inquiring magistrate – she could have stayed out of it and saved herself a lot of trouble and risk – the Prime Minister and his aides use their party-owned and party-influenced media to attack her with partial information about a case they know to be fabricated.

That’s how bad it is. This is the extent of the abuse we are dealing with here.

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No, the whistleblower did NOT commit fraud. Pilatus Bank filed a false report against her when she reported them to the police

Le, il-whistleblower ma MHUX jikkommettu frodi. Pilatus Bank ressqet rapport falz kontra tagħha meta hija rrappurtati lill-pulizija

Aktar tard illum dan is-sit se tippubblika kont l-ewwel persuna ta ‘esperjenzi tal-informatur intern fiż Pilatus Bank u kif l-affarijiet waslet dan il-punt.

Fil-frattemp, huwa imperattiv li aspett wieħed ikun solvuti immedjatament minħabba l-informazzjoni kollha u l-karattru falza qtil li jitqegħdu dwar mill aides lill-Prim Ministru, il-midja tal-Partit Laburista u l-ġurnalisti ħbiberija tagħha fil-gazzetti indipendenti.

Dawn huma l-fatti bare – l-istorja sħiħa se jittella aktar tard.

Sinjura X, li huwa ċittadin Russu miżżewweġ lil ċittadin tal-Unjoni Ewropea, b’żewġ tfal żgħar, ħadem fl Pilatus Bank f’Jannar, Frar u Marzu sena li għaddiet bħala assistent personali lill-CEO. Hija ma tħallsitx salarju tagħha fl-aħħar ta ‘Jannar u qal li wieħed jistenna sa l-aħħar ta’ Frar. Fl-aħħar ta ‘Frar, hi ma tħallsitx lanqas. F’Marzu, meta hi bdiet titlob ripetutament għas-salarju pendenti tagħha, li tgħid li hi t-tfal żgħar u ma tistax taffordja li tistenna għall-flus tagħha, huma mogħtija tagħha avviż ta ‘terminazzjoni – mingħajr ma jsiru verifiki. Hija kien qal li jistennew verifika salarju tagħha fil-post u qatt ma waslu.

Hija miżmuma tisfir għall-flus tagħha u qatt ma tħallas. Marret għall-Dipartiment tal-Relazzjonijiet Industrijali u Impjiegi u permezz tal-kanali xierqa ressqet rapport li jimpjegaha kien naqas milli jħallas tagħha.

Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

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Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

An intense assault began last night against the Pilatus Bank whistle-blower who put herself forward yesterday to testify before the inquiring magistrate.

All proceedings of the inquiry take place behind closed doors and nothing may be disclosed, including the identity of those who testify.

Pilatus Bank, however, knows who she is and has disclosed her identity to the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, a close associate of the bank’s owner, Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad. This fact was immediately apparent to me when I saw the Prime Minister’s facial expression of smug nastiness as he left the Labour Party’s television studio and was questioned by journalists yesterday.

Schembri communicated the identity of the whistleblower to Saviour Balzan of Illum/Malta Today and to Glenn Bedingfield, both of whom began writing against her on social media last night. This morning, the Labour Party media began their campaign of assault.

More shockingly still, this morning the same criminal sources at the Office of the Prime Minister gave details about the whistleblower, including her name, to Kurt Sansone – a Labour-sympathising reporter working for the Times of Malta who is known to be close to the Castille inner circle, despite his not being on duty today.

Sansone wrote from home the one-sided story fed to him by the Pilatus Bank/Castille inner circle without seeking further clarification, and without even seeking confirmation on the whistleblower’s identity, and it was published as a precise replica of the stories being broadcast by the Labour Party and other Keith-Schembri-friendly media.

I immediately rang the Times of Malta and made the point that when criminals in the Office of the Prime Minister feed them a story the sole purpose of which is to attack, frighten and destroy somebody who was brave enough to testify AGAINST THEM in an inquiry THEY CALLED FOR THEMSELVES, then THAT is the story. And it’s a major one.

The story here is not who the whistleblower is, but that the Prime Minister’s criminal inner circle are themselves going all out to harm a witness in an inquiry into THEIR shady affairs. This is a phenomenal abuse of power and we should speak up against it.

It shows not only how desperate Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Brian Tonna and Joseph Muscat are, but also their criminal inclinations and their total disregard for the standards they are supposed to uphold in their various positions.

The Prime Minister is using his aides and his party media to violate the confidentiality of an inquiry which he himself asked for, and to attack and try to discredit a witness – whose position is imperilled enough as it is – who is a key source of information against him and his henchmen.

The Nationalist Party this morning held a press conference and called for the whistleblower’s protection, saying how shameful it is that she is being targeted in this disgusting manner.

“————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————–
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Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

Kastilja gang kriminali tniedi attakk fuq informatur intern Pilatus biex jipproteġu Keith Schembri u Joseph Muscat

Attakk intensa beda aħħar lejl kontra l Pilatus Bank whistle-blower li tpoġġi lilha nfisha quddiem bieraħ li jixhdu quddiem il-maġistrat inkwirenti.

proċeduri kollha ta ‘l-inkjesta iseħħu bil-bibien magħluqa u xejn tista’ tiġi żvelata, inkluża l-identità ta ‘dawk li jixhdu.

Pilatus Bank, madankollu, jaf min hi u tkun żvelata l-identità tagħha lill kap tal-Prim Ministru tal-persunal, Keith Schembri, li kollaboratur qrib ta ‘sid tal-bank, Seyed Ali Sadr Hasheminejad. Dan il-fatt kien evidenti immedjatament lili meta rajt espressjoni tal-wiċċ tal-Prim Ministru ta ‘nastiness smug kif hu ħalla studio televiżiv tal-Partit Laburista u kien mistoqsi mill-ġurnalisti bieraħ.

Schembri ikkomunika l-identità tal-whistleblower li Salvatur Balzan ta Illum / f’Malta Illum u biex Glenn Bedingfield, it-tnejn minnhom beda bil-miktub kontra tagħha fuq midja soċjali aħħar lejl. Dalgħodu, il-midja tal-Partit Laburista beda kampanja tagħhom ta ‘attakk.

Aktar xukkanti xorta, dalgħodu l-istess sorsi kriminali fl-Uffiċċju tal-Prim Ministru taw dettalji dwar l-informatur, inkluż l-isem tagħha, li Kurt Sansone – a sympathizing-Labour reporter jaħdmu għall-Times of Malta li huwa magħruf li jkun qrib il- Kastilja ċirku ta ‘ġewwa, minkejja tiegħu li ma jkunux fuq id-dazju illum.

Sansone kiteb mid-dar l-istorja naħa waħda biss mitmugħa lilu mill-ċirku ta ‘ġewwa Pilatus Bank / Kastilja mingħajr ma jfittxu kjarifika ulterjuri, u mingħajr ma jfittxu konferma dwar l-identità tal-whistleblower, u ġie ppubblikat bħala replika preċiża mill-istejjer mxandra mill- Partit Laburista u l-midja Keith-Schembri-friendly oħra.

I immedjatament rang The Times of Malta u għamlu l-punt li meta kriminali fl-Uffiċċju tal-Prim Ministru tgħaddihom storja l-uniku għan tagħhom huwa li attakk, mbezza u jeqirdu xi ħadd li kien kuraġġużi biżżejjed biex jixhdu kontra minnhom f’inkjesta DAWN imsejħa GĦALL nfushom, allura LI hija l-istorja. U huwa waħda prinċipali.

L-istorja hawnhekk mhix li l-whistleblower hi, iżda li ċirku ta ‘ġewwa kriminali tal-Prim Ministru qed infushom jmorru kollha biex jagħmlu ħsara xhud inkjesta dwar affarijiet dellija TAGĦHOM. Din hija abbuż fenomenali ta ‘poter u għandna jitkellmu kontriha.

Dan juri mhux biss kif ddisprata Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Brian Tonna u Joseph Muscat, imma wkoll inklinazzjonijiet kriminali tagħhom u jinjoraw totali tagħhom għall-istandards li huma mistennija li jżommu fil-pożizzjonijiet varji tagħhom.

Il-Prim Ministru qed tuża aides tiegħu u l-midja partit tiegħu biex jiksru l-kunfidenzjalità ta ‘inkjesta li hu stess talab għal, u għal attakk u jippruvaw jiskredita xhud – li l-pożizzjoni hija mhedda biżżejjed kif inhi – li huwa sors ewlieni ta’ informazzjoni kontrih u henchmen tiegħu.

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista dalgħodu għamel konferenza stampa u sejjaħ għall-protezzjoni tal-informatur, l tgħid kif mistħija huwa li hija l-mira b’dan il-mod disgusting.

“————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————–
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————————————————– ————————————————– —————————————-

Castille criminal gang launches assault on Pilatus whistleblower to protect Keith Schembri and Joseph Muscat

Kastilië kriminele bende loods aanval op Pilatus alarmmaker te beskerm Keith Schembri en Joseph Muscat

‘N intense aanval begin het gisteraand teen die Pilatus Bank klokkenluider wat haarself vorentoe gister sit om te getuig voor die navraag landdros.

Alle verrigtinge van die ondersoek plaasvind agter geslote deure en niks kan openbaar gemaak word, insluitende die identiteit van diegene wat getuig.

Exercise A: Knowing each other

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Exercise A: Knowing each other

The Love map – the aim is to encourage you to know one another better, to become more familiar with each other’s world. You should ask the following questions (or at least some) to one another and score right and wrong.

Name my best quality.
Name my proudest moment.
Name my most embarrassing moment.
My feelings are hurt when…
What stresses am I facing at the moment?
I feel rejected when…
I feel guilty when…
What is my greatest fear?
Do I have unrealised dreams?
How do I act when I feel sad?
How do I respond to criticism?
What is my biggest regret?
What makes me feel competent?
What causes me to change my mood?
If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?
What is my favourite way of spending an evening?
With respect to my physical appearance, what do I think is my best feature?
What areas of my life do I wish to improve?
What am I insecure about?
I am rather defensive when…
In what ways do I like to be soothed?
What is my best talent?
How many children do I hope to have?
Why do I wish to marry in the Catholic Church?
Is my self esteem high or low?
Do our religious beliefs/practices differ?
Two words that describe my personality are…
I feel very inadequate when…
The person in my family who I am closest to/least closest to, is….
Name one of my major rivals or ‘enemy’.
Do I enjoy my job?
Do I cry? What is the reason usually?
What was my childhood like?
Do I have any issues with my immediate family?
Do I have a secret ambition? What is it?
What mostly makes me sad?
Name one of my concerns or worries?
Do I have any medical problems?
A childhood experience I will never forget.
Name two people I admire.
Where did I attend catechism classes?
Mention two of my hopes/wishes/aspirations.

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Eżerċizzju A: Jafu xulxin

Il-mappa Imħabba – l-għan huwa li ninkoraġġukom jafu lil xulxin aħjar, biex isiru aktar familjari mad-dinja xulxin. Għandek tistaqsi l-mistoqsijiet li ġejjin (jew mill-inqas xi) ma ‘xulxin u punteġġ dritt u l-ħażin.

Isem aħjar kwalità tiegħi.
Isem mument proudest tiegħi.
Isem aktar mument imbarazzanti tiegħi.
sentimenti tiegħi huma iweġġgħu meta …
Liema jenfasizza jien tiffaċċja fil-mument?
Inħoss miċħuda meta …
I iħossuhom ħatja meta …
X’inhu biża akbar tiegħi?
Għandi ħolm mhux realizzat?
Kif nista jaġixxu meta inħoss imdejjaq?
Kif nista jirrispondu għall-kritika?
X’inhu akbar dispjaċir tiegħi?
Dak li jagħmel me jħossu kompetenti?
X’jikkawża lili għall-bidla burdata tiegħi?
Jekk I jista ‘jbiddel ħaġa waħda dwar myself, dak li jkun?
Liema huwa mod favorit tiegħi ta ‘nfiq lejla?
Fir-rigward dehra fiżika tiegħi, x’għandi nagħmel taħseb hija karatteristika aħjar tiegħi?
F’liema oqsma tal-ħajja tiegħi nista jixtiequ jtejbu?
What am I prekarju dwar?
I am pjuttost difensiva meta …
B’liema modi do I simili li jiġu taffa?
X’inhi l-aħjar talent tiegħi?
Kemm hemm tfal do Nittama li jkollhom?
Għaliex nixtieq jiżżewġu fil-Knisja Kattolika?
Huwa self esteem tiegħi għolja jew baxxa?
Do twemmin reliġjuż tagħna / prattiki differenti?
Żewġ kelmiet li jiddeskrivu personalità tiegħi huma …
Inħoss inadegwata ħafna meta …
Il-persuna fil-familja tiegħi li jiena eqreb lejn / mill-inqas l-eqreb għall-hija ….
Isem wieħed mill rivali ewlenin tiegħi jew “”ghadu””.
Do I igawdu impjieg tiegħi?
Do I cry? X’inhi r-raġuni normalment?
Liema kienet tfulija tiegħi simili?
Għandi xi kwistjonijiet mal-familja immedjata tiegħi?
Do I jkollhom ambizzjoni sigriet? X’inhu dan?
Dak aktar jagħmel me imdejjaq?
Isem waħda mill-preokkupazzjonijiet tiegħi jew inkwiet?
Għandi xi problemi mediċi?
Esperjenza tfulija jien qatt ma tinsa.
Isem żewġ persuni I jammiraw.
Fejn ma I jattendu l-klassijiet katekiżmu?
Semmi żewġ tamiet tiegħi / xewqat / aspirazzjonijiet.

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Oefening A: Weet mekaar

Die Liefde kaart – die doel is om jou aan te moedig om mekaar beter leer ken, om meer vertroud is met mekaar se wêreld geword. Jy moet die volgende vrae (of ten minste ‘n paar) aan mekaar vra en die telling reg en verkeerd.

Noem my beste gehalte.
Noem my trotsste oomblik.
Noem my die meeste verleentheid oomblik.
My gevoelens is beseer toe …
Wat spanning ek in die gesig staar op die oomblik?
Ek voel verwerp wanneer …
Ek voel skuldig wanneer …
Wat is my grootste vrees?
Moet ek ongerealiseerde drome?
Hoe kan ek optree as ek voel hartseer?
Hoe kan ek reageer op kritiek?
Wat is my grootste spyt?
Wat maak my bevoeg voel?
Wat veroorsaak dat ek my humeur te verander?
As ek een ding oor myself kon verander, wat sou dit wees?
Wat is my gunsteling manier van die besteding van ‘n aand?
Met betrekking tot my fisiese voorkoms, wat moet ek dink is my beste eienskap?
Wat areas van my lewe het ek wil verbeter?
Wat ek onseker oor?
Ek is eerder verdedigende toe …
In watter opsigte het ek graag paai?
Wat is my beste talent?
Hoeveel kinders het ek hoop om te hê?
Hoekom moet ek wil om te trou in die Rooms-Katolieke Kerk?
Is my selfbeeld hoog of laag?
Moet ons godsdienstige oortuigings / praktyke verskil?
Twee woorde wat my persoonlikheid beskryf is …
Ek voel baie ontoereikend wanneer …
Die persoon in my familie wat ek die naaste aan / minste die naaste aan, is ….
Noem een ​​van my groot mededingers of ‘n vyand.
Moet ek geniet my werk?
Moet ek roep? Wat is die rede gewoonlik?
Wat was my kinderjare soos?
Moet ek enige probleme met my onmiddellike familie?
Moet ek ‘n geheime ambisie? Wat is dit?
Wat meestal maak my hartseer?
Noem een ​​van my bekommernisse of sorge?
Moet ek enige mediese probleme?
A kinderjare ervaring wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie.
Noem twee mense wat ek bewonder.
Waar het ek by te woon kategese klasse?
Noem twee van my hoop / wense / aspirasies.

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Ushtrimi A: Njohja njëri-tjetrin

From Idealizing to Realising Your Partner

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From Idealizing to Realising Your Partner

This exercise is designed to help you relinquish unrealistic ideals you might hold about your partner and to discover his/her true character.

Begin by ranking on a one-to-seven scale how much the following traits describe you and your partner. Complete the first two columns “Your Ranking of Yourself” and then “Your Ranking of Your Partner”. Don’ worry about the two columns just yet.

Even tempered.
Once you have ranked the first two columns, share your rankings with each other and write them on your own page. Then subtract your partner’s actual ranking of himself/herself from your ranking of her.

Note any significant differences and discuss them.

Our three biggest differences in this exercise are:

One of the central tasks of the early marriage years is to move from idealizing your wife/husband to “realizing” your wife/husband. How accurate is our image of who your partner is, compared to who s/he really is? The more accurately you can present yourselves to each other, the easier your first years of marriage will be.

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Mill idealizing li Twettiq Your Partner

Dan l-eżerċizzju huwa maħsub biex jgħinek tħalli ideali mhux realistiċi inti jista ‘jkollhom dwar partner tiegħek u biex jiskopru karattru veru tiegħu / tagħha.

Ibda billi ranking fuq skala wieħed għal sebgħa kemm il-karatteristiċi li ġejjin jiddeskrivu inti u l-partner tiegħek. Imla l-ewwel żewġ kolonni “”Ranking tiegħek ta ‘Yourself”” u mbagħad “”Ranking tiegħek ta’ Your Partner””. tinkwetax don “”dwar iż-żewġ kolonni għadha biss.

Anke ittemprat.
Ladarba inti tkun kklassifikati l-ewwel żewġ kolonni, jaqsmu klassifiki tiegħek ma ‘xulxin u jiktbu lilhom fuq il-paġna tiegħek stess. Imbagħad naqqas klassifikazzjoni attwali ta lilu nnifsu / lilha nfisha sieħeb tiegħek mill gradazzjoni tiegħek tal tagħha.

Nota kwalunkwe differenza sinifikanti u jiddiskutuhom.

tliet differenzi akbar tagħna f’dan l-eżerċizzju huma:

Waħda mill-missjonijiet ċentrali tal-snin żwieġ bikrija huwa li jiċċaqalqu minn idealizing mara tiegħek / raġel għal “”twettiq”” mara tiegħek / raġel. Kif eżatta hija immaġini tagħna ta ‘min partner tiegħek huwa, meta mqabbla ma’ min hu / hi verament huwa? L-aktar preċiż inti tista ‘tippreżenta infuskom ma’ xulxin, l-aktar faċli ewwel snin tiegħek ta ‘żwieġ se jkun.

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Van idealis eer aan die besef van jou Partner

Hierdie oefening is ontwerp om jou te help laat vaar onrealistiese ideale wat jy dalk hou oor jou maat en na sy / haar ware karakter te ontdek.

Begin deur posisie op ‘n een-tot-sewe skaal hoeveel die volgende eienskappe te beskryf wat jy en jou lewensmaat. Voltooi die eerste twee kolomme “”Jou Ranking van jouself”” en dan “”Jou posisie van jou Partner””. Don ‘bekommerd oor die twee kolomme net nog nie.

Vol vertroue.
Selfs getemper.
Sodra jy die eerste twee kolomme orden, deel jou ranglys met mekaar en skryf dit op jou eie bladsy. aftrek dan werklike posisie van jou lewensmaat van homself / haarself uit jou posisie van haar.

Let op enige noemenswaardige verskille en bespreek hulle.

Ons drie grootste verskille in hierdie oefening is:

Een van die sentrale take van die vroeë huwelik jaar is om te beweeg van idealis eer jou vrou / man “”besef”” jou vrou / man. Hoe akkuraat is ons beeld van wat jou maat is, in vergelyking met wat hy / sy is regtig? Hoe meer akkuraat jy kan self aan te bied om mekaar, hoe makliker jou eerste jaar van die huwelik sal wees.

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Nga idealizuar për të kuptuar partnerin tuaj

Ky ushtrim është projektuar për t’ju ndihmuar të heqë dorë nga idealet jorealiste ju mund të mbajë në lidhje me partnerin tuaj dhe për të zbuluar karakterin e tij / saj të vërtetë.

Filloni duke u renditur në një shkallë një-për-shtatë sa e përshkruajnë tiparet e mëposhtme ju dhe partnerin tuaj. Plotësoni dy kolonat e para “”Ranking juaj e Yourself”” dhe pastaj “”Ranking juaj e partnerit tuaj””. Shqetësimi don ‘për dy kolona vetëm ende.

I mëshirshëm.
Të sigurt.
Edhe nevrik.
Të shëndetshëm.
Në përputhje.
Pasi të keni renditur dy kolonat e para, ndarë renditjen tuaj me njëri-tjetrin dhe shkruani ato në faqen tuaj. Pastaj të zbriten renditjen aktuale të vetvetes / saj partnerit tuaj nga të rangut tuaj të saj.

Shënim ndonjë dallime të rëndësishme dhe për të diskutuar ato.

tre dallimet tona më të mëdha në këtë ushtrim janë:

Një nga detyrat qendrore të viteve të hershme të martesës është që të lëvizë nga idealizuar gruaja juaj / burri të “”kuptuar”” gruan tuaj / burrin. Sa i saktë është imazhi ynë i cili është partneri juaj, në krahasim me të cilët ai / ajo është me të vërtetë? Sa më shumë të saktë që ju mund të paraqesë veten me njëri-tjetrin, aq më lehtë vitet juaj e parë e martesës do të jetë.

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ይህ የአካል ብቃት እንቅስቃሴ አንተ ጓደኛዎ ስለ መያዝ ይችላል እና የእርሱ / ሷ እውነተኛ ቁምፊ እንዲያገኙ ከእውነታው በገነነበት ጥለን ለመርዳት ታስቦ የተዘጋጀ ነው.

የሚከተሉትን ባሕርያት እርስዎ እና ባለቤትዎ ለመግለፅ ምን ያህል አንድ-ወደ-ሰባት ልኬት ላይ ደረጃ መመደቢያ በማድረግ ጀምር. የመጀመሪያዎቹ ሁለት ዓምዶች “”ራስህን የእርስዎ የደረጃ”” እና ከዚያም “”የ አጋር የእርስዎ የደረጃ”” ይሙሉ. ልክ ገና ሁለት ዓምዶች ስለ Don ‘ይጨነቃሉ.

እንኳን አገጣጠመው.
ወጥነት ያለው.
እርስዎ የመጀመሪያዎቹን ሁለት ዓምዶች ማእረግና አንዴ እርስ በርሳቸው በሰጧቸው ማጋራት እና በራስህ ገጽ ላይ ጻፋቸው. ከዚያም ከእሷ በእርስዎ ደረጃ ራሱን / ራሷን በእርስዎ ባልደረባ ትክክለኛ ደረጃ ደምር.

ማንኛውም ጉልህ ልዩነት ማስታወሻ እና እነሱን ተወያዩ.

በዚህ ልምምድ ውስጥ ሦስት ትልቁ ልዩነቶች የሚከተሉት ናቸው:

ቀደም ጋብቻ ዓመታት ማዕከላዊ ተግባራት መካከል አንዱ የእርስዎ ሚስት / ባል የእርስዎ ሚስት / ባል “”ስለሚገነዘቡ”” ወደ ትንታኔ መንቀሳቀስ ነው. የእርስዎ ጓደኛ, s ማን / እሱ በእርግጥ ጋር ሲነጻጸር ማን ያለንን ምስል ምን ያህል ትክክለኛ ነው? ይበልጥ በትክክል የማግባት ቀላል የመጀመሪያ ዓመታት ይሆናሉ, እርስ በርስ ራሳችሁን ማቅረብ ይችላሉ.

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